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Candy for the Eyes & Ears 4! Mikee Snow!

So I was watching Jools Holland a few months back and saw this band called Mike Snow. They sucked me in with their glitchy catchy melodies and the two dudes on synths with shaved sides and long on top doos. Hell even inspired me to rock a mohawk for a few weeks. Its taken a while for me to finally get a copy of the album but I can honestly say its the best thing I've heard in years. I first started playing it a few days ago while clearing out pics of me & and ex and its been on repeat on my ipod ever since. 

The quality of the music is just awesome, I love it when you get a new album that just sucks you right in or maybe its the other way round in that you suck the music into your life and it becomes part of that great musical sountrack for that period of your life. There's a few stand out tracks but my favourite is called Burial. They sing of a burial in the sense of burying someone. Quite a powerful topic to explore in a song but rendered in such a beautiful way I can'…

Glasgow Film Festival 2010

Glasgow is currently seen as a creative mecca in Scotland, maybe even more so than Edinburgh. Musically they attract more good acts and as a city I feel more at home wandering the streets of Glasgow, it has its nice parts and it has its scumholes as every city should.

I'm quite impressed with the line uo for this years Glasgow Film Festival (GFF). An annual event thats run for some years now, it never fails to deliver on top cutting edge films & shorts, retrospectives of cinemas great pioneers and it combines the music side of things perfectly with live improv performances & rescoring of major motion soundtracks. When I was helping with the Aberdeen City & Shire Film Festival I knew it wouldn't compare to the GFF but it certainly sets a good template to draw from for future events.

Anyway back to the GFF, this year hosts some truelly wonderful events. First up you have "BURNING" a live film of MOGWAI playing over 3 nights in a Brooklyn and expertly cut and …

One Million Lego Men!

I usually ignore most of the groups that get set up on Facebook, recieving a load of spam about some shit joke that was funny for 5 minutes and now is totally balls. But when I saw someone had joined a group called YOUR OWN LEGO MAN. FREE I was intrigued. With a slight boner for all things Lego related I decided to have a look at the page and was impressed with what I found. Here's a run down from the groups creator Adam Oppenheimer

"Hello everyone,
I will be creating an art instillation, along with a group of others, which will consist of 1 MILLION LEGO MEN each representing a real person! If you want your name on the back of one of those bad- boys, just join the group. We will be taking photos, and filming, during the process so, you may get to see sneaky peaks before the end product. This is obviously an enormous task but we'll keep you posted every step of the way. I expect all of you to help this absolutely banging idea get off the ground by inviting all your friends.&…

Skatepark Art @ Transition Extreme!

A new decade but an old pass time. Probably the only resolution I have is to try and skate every week, I'm not very good and can't do that much on a board but there's a whole ethos that goes with skating and the art side is quite important. 

The skatepark has been pretty amazing with the introduction of Aberdeen's first legal graff wall along the exterior of their building but some of the artists and graffers have been give a free reign with in the park. I'm not sure who is responsible for what but the Obey paste up's are a follow on from the paste ups in Boarderline by one of the Obey reps. There's also the usual skate brand logos like Carhartt & Volcom to help brighten up the ramps a bit.

An Artificial Light Trailer!

Local musician, film maker & purveyor of coffee & crepes, Tim Courtney has a new film coming out. Through the local film night I was lucky to meet Tim and see some of his earlier efforts, with a great attention to detail and amazing soundtracking skills, I'm expecting this new feature to be something quite special. Check out the trailer below.

Kal-eye-doscope - Coming Soon!

After his residency at Project SloganCraig Barrowman hasn't really stopped. Except to get married but even then I imagine that brain of his was churning over new ideas and projects.
As a follow on from his residency and the ideas he explored with the kaleidoscope, hes taken it to the next level with a fully working eye ball kaleidoscope sculpture, on wheels! I haven't seen it in action yet but you can get a taster below and should have a full video of its debut voyage coming soon, once the rain gets tae f**k anyway.

Grays 3rd Year P.E.M. Group show @ The Academy!

A new year and a new PeM show at the Academy. This time 3rd Year PeM (Photographic & Electronic Media) students got a chance to have their own group show to help them gain experience of gallery shows and all the complications which go with it.

The PeM folks usually put together a nice we promo booklet with a spiel from each of the students about themselves or their ideas behind their work. You can see an online version HERE! I did my Hn/D in photography back int the days before digital took over so I always enjoy seeing the influence its had on new students and their work. 

The opening was certainly well attended, I didn't quite get a proper look at all the work on display, I was suprised by a few that I did see, a selection of photos that were badly exposed and printed, perhaps this was the artist intention but it didn't really do anything for me. An Erasmus student produced a great set of photos from around Aberdeen, showing the greyness of our city with grey skies, a very…

Peacock Visual Arts open to ideas for compromise?

Launch Tue 19 Jan: WHAT IF?
Exploring ideas for Union Terrace Gardens and the Denburn Valley

Date: 19 January
Time: 6-8pm
Location: PVA

Peacock has had its designs for a new £13m art centre in the Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens ready for almost two years. Full planning permission has been granted and 75% of the funding is in place. ACSEF is currently holding a public consultation on their idea to replace the gardens with a City Square, costing up to £140m, with £50m of funding in place so far.

What if ACSEF’s idea and Peacock’s design could co-exist? What if all resources were pulled together? Aberdeen could evolve without losing its heritage.
Come and see for yourself how various options of co-existence are explored, with respect to the historic gardens and Aberdeen's natural valley.

A series of talks and events will run throughout the exhibition. Details to follow.

Glad to see that both sides are willing to look at compromises with regards to UTG, still don't think people u…

I ♥ UTG, ranty rant rants.....

First off if you haven't already, sign the petition to save Union Terrace gardens & also the new Peacock Visual Arts centre by clicking HERE!

There's been a lot of interesting things said and done today with regards to the Union Terrace Travesty. Today marks the official launch of the ACSEF (Aberdeen Corruption Services) public consultation on the City Square proposal which has failed to include information on the Peaock Visuals Arts plan? A bit one sided if I do say so myself.

There's a new website worth checking out which shows you un biased information about both the City Square project and the Peacock Visual Arts proposal, chekc it out HERE! The fact that thing's have gone this far is ridiculous but it shows the power of oil money over public & council policy. There's nothing worse than being asked for your opinion but knowing that it isn't being listened to by these corrupt, money hungry, back scratching, egomaniacs.

I don't think I've ever f…

A Man Needs A Shed.....

.... and an artist needs a studio. We have been lucky enough to find some old band practice spaces which are no longer in use so hopefuly in the next few weeks well be filling it up with all our tools of creation and start working on some interesting projects. Its all very exciting and new. Hopefuly there will be an opening party of sorts at the end of the month, woop woop! 26 Collective Blog!