Oh Aye @ Project Slogan!

If you like knitting then you should head on down to Project Slogan tonight (and then to DO IT!) as they are having an open knitting evening for knitters of all abilities. I wen't down for a scan on Tuesday to see the Oh Aye opening and was blown away by the quality of the knitted objects adorning the table, mugs, cakes & a Christmas pud! ACES!

The spooky eye balls lurking in every corner were pretty spooky but the old ladies gathered round the tables dispelled any worry. They were enjoying a cup of tea and have some banter as we looked around their knitted bingo card and callers microphone. It was a shame more people couldnt make it down really. They had created their own patters which were put together in a free zine and also displayed along the wall with a proper knitted version above it in red.

Anyway if your bored tonight there's loads going on but why not pop down to Project Slogan and then pop down to DO IT! @ Cellar 35 with DJ Clinical & Put Your Hands up For Neo Tokyo!

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