Chris Henderson @ Kilau!

Well as usual the internet has had a rabbits warren effect where I couldn't find anything to begin with and now I have heaps of info. Chris Henderson is a local photographer who takes a lot of very nice pictures. He kinda stood out at his opening at Aberdeen's cultural crossroads, Kilau Coffee, he was the only person wearing a bow tie, nice!

I did mean to tell him how much I liked his work but I slunk off home early. There's some nice shots of old beat up cars, some gloomy looking trees, two nice big scale landscapes, some lovely medium format polaroid negatives, especially liked the of Union Terrace Gardens with lots of people in it but my favourite piece's were the 35mm slide viewers with the slides lit up inside, the sheer quality of slides is still unbeatable. 

I've just been having a look around the Kilau wordpress site and there's some interesting thing's but I came across little Rae, she used to wear those super baggs jeans and blade, now shes a 4th year illustration student and steals cup cakes. I think it was worth it though! Check her blog HERE!

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