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Merry Christmas.....

Well tis the season to be jolly and all that clap trap. I think Christmas is a time for family, friends and reflecting on another year gone past.Its been a hell of a time with some real tough times and loss the likes of which I hope to never experience again but there's also been some amazing times with some amazing friends. I guess all the shit and bad times only make us appreciate the good times when they come. 

Anyway I hope everyone who reads this has a very Merry Christmas and I hope that absent friends are never too far away.

Fruitbats Live @ Tunnels, Aberdoom!

What to do on a cold, wet Tuesday a week before Christmas? Well a little know band called Fruitbats played their first ever Scottish gig. I wouldn't have taken much notice myself except for the bit on the poster saying featuring members of The Shins, one of my favourite new old bands and members of Vetiver. They formed in 2001 and have released 4 full length albums, most recently 2009's The Ruminant Band, released on Sub Pop.

Well based on my love for The Shins we went on down to see what it was all about. Steve Milne (Dirty Hearts Club / The Little Kicks) was first on the bill performing some new solo material he's recorded & releasing through Bedford Records, a local label hoping to establish some of Aberdeen's up and coming musos. Steve started his set with a nice little acoustic piece with no lyrics just some sweet harmonising which I thought was pretty brave but also caugtht everyones attention. He was joined later by Indian Red Lopez's Mike Chang, another…

DO IT! 12 ft Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo!

Friday saw the last DO IT! night of 2009 down at Cellar 35, our preffered venue of choice. With it being Christmas an all we decided to go all out with the decoration i.e. we hung plastic dust sheets from the rafters like glittering icicles and bought a shit load of fairy lights. For the first time we had a band from outside of our fair country, Bergen's Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo!

Joining us for the second session was Glasgow's purveyor of deep space beats Clinical. I think despite a few sound hitches and spending some of the night standing in the cold it was a great night and people had fun. The Neo-Tokyo dudes created a special one off set for DO IT! and didn't get the feet moving good time they expected but I think hanging out the day after and the fun we all had getting pissed helped make the trip a worth while experience for all of us.

The guys have been nominated for some awards this year, all with out having actually released a record so check out their video be…