OMG Exhibition @ Peacock Visual Arts!

OMG was a group exhibition organised by Peacocks & Creative Identities where most of the art works were created by children & young adults between the ages of 10 - 19 with all different abilities, from all different backgrounds as well as works inspired by children.

The opening took place on Saturday and was incredibaly well attended. Peacocks have been running all manner of workshops for the kids including screen printing, photography and circuit bending. A wide range of local artists gave their time in order to teach the kids and help them to produce some truely awesome work. I was pretty blown away by some of the prints and also the short films which are screening through the back.

There was a short performance from some of the circuit benders although there was a hitch on the first attempt but they nailed it second time around, old mac donald never sounded so fly. I believe local muso Bill Thompson played no small part in organising this aspect of the show. They recieved a well deserved round of applause anyway.

I think with this exhibition it really highlighted the reason we need to save the new arts centre and also showed that art can be fun, it doesn't have to be high brow or low brow, it doesn't have to be discussed, analysed or dissected but purely enjoyed for the very reasons that we enjoy a summers day with sun out or the first drops of snow in the winter time. 

I hope that all the people who say that a new art centre will do nothing for them will come to realise the bigger picture, true they may not see a direct benifit to themselves but imagine the child who has nothing and no one, takes part in one of these events, feels what its like to be encouraged and see's a life beyond the predestined menace to society they may become. The Creative Arts aren't about alienating people because they don't get it, its about building communities and bringing people together, its about stimulating the eyes, the ears and the mind and hopefuly somewhere along the road, having some bloody fun. 

And if the people decide they want a car park instead of the last remnants of an ancient forrest then they can always fill it in later but if they choose Sir Ian Wood's plan (can you even call it a plan, realy) then there is no going back! Surely common sense must prevail!

Anyway, final thought, go see the OMG exhibition, its on right now at Peacocks and take control of the future of your city, its needs you now more than ever!

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