Friday Night in Torry!

Ok so on a night of howling wind and rain that could knock you over I decided to venture out with Slavador Dali to see what was going down at Project Slogan. Sadly the answer was not very much. The installation by Ally Wallace was a bit minimalist for my taste and didn't really do anything for me. But I only speak for myself so have a look at the pics below.
If these guys were in a band i'd lick every one of them!
Stop sitting on your butts and make somehting good!
Slavador Dali

Well since we were in Torry we decided to head on down to the Limousine Bull space to see Mark Bremners work. And suprise suprise I think its some of the best work I've seen in Aberdeen. Scratching into sheets of blackened aluminium and using small touches of colour, Marks work is awesome! His drawings were very delicate and intricate but the large metal sheets were the real deal, just have a look at the pics below, click on them to make them big and get a proper look. Read more about Mark HERE! The only bad thing was the lack of a hello when we arrived but who cares with work this good.

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