DO IT! StOp! LeTs rEfleCT!

So in November 2008 we held our first DO IT night at Cellar 35. I didn't really know what to expect, I knew I could flick between 2 video feeds so that was enough for me. I didn't know DJ White Chocolate (Jonny B) that well but was up for giving it a go. So set up a projector, brought down some dvds and just left it running while I got drunk. The visuals looked good and the micture of music from Riddim & Jonny was perfect, old & new, beats & synths! Thing's that stand out for me was fancying the pants of Jen, dancing with Chris like we just didn't care, Stuart & Marcin meeting Moose, Moose's tweed jacket, Vickie coming down even though Laura had told he she wasnt allowed too, the projector starting to smoke and being unplugged when I was out side and finally that shot of bloody tequila which mostly went down my chin!

DO IT 2 saw Sio join us as a visual collaborator. I managed to get a shot of a good video mixer with an amazing heart shape cut out and took great joy in mixing live video of the guys djing and some David Attenburough dvd's. I took down my polaroid aswell and let rip, managed to capture some good moments from the night while Katrina went wild with my SLR, minus autofocus, Moose & a girl and the first DO IT crew pic with all of us. Also had some amazing videos of everyone dancing and just having a good time. Moose was the first one in, after helping me set everything up and then he was the first one to get a drink in. I put in the last pic of him from the day after when we were all hungover and he gave me a lift home with all my equipment. After eating some hangover food.
DO IT 3 saw our first invited guest, Two Eyes from Edinburgh. This time we had B.E.N. onboard to help share the visual duties, lots of friends seemed to be in Aberdeen and the night was a banger, I think it was the busiest weve been but I don't think that made it any better or worse than other nights. I remember seeing Two Eyes put on a Boards Of Canada record, don't know if people were dancing but my ears were happy anyway. Experiments with tvs & video players aswell, starting to up the game a bit at this point, give people some visual stimulation.
After getting our first and only piece of press in the Snafu magazine we were invited to do a Sunday night in Snafu. We'd already done the students international party in Tiger Tiger (£20 bar tab for 3 of us, cheers ya shits!) we were trying to be careful not to sell ourselves short. Alex had left for Bergen by this time so it was down to me, Sio & Jonny to hold the fort. Alex arranged for Brian D'Souza to come join us, Brian was a top guy and played some banging tunes. Patty was just getting his Everything Else Sucks nights off the ground and decided to join our line up that night until Brian asked him to leave, that boy & booze, honestly but no harm done. First time getting a photographer involved, which came in the form of Katie Guthrie who managed to get some amazing shots for us.
For DO IT 5 we had our first band join us, the awesome Indian Red Lopez. They were such a good bunch of lads. Chris & Moose came up with the idea of making some 3-D DO IT letter out of cardboard which looked ace. I think everyone had as much fun dancing with the letters as they did dancing to the music. I remember feeling stupidly busy but still having an amazing night. I was actually taken aback to spot Moose in one fo the photos, suprise suprise looking at another girl (Moose was a true gentleman). Looking back just makes me so happy that we started the night as it gave us all a chance to share some amazing times with Moose before he sadly died on the 1st April.
After losing James we cancelled DO IT for that month but decided it was only fitting to continue with something that he loved so much. I personally didn't feel like I could be in cellar bar at a DO IT night without him. So how I decided to go down and help out but took more of a back seat. We had DJ Clincial joining us from Glasgow, Kit was back from the states for a flying visit, Gav in the bloody Borat thong. I felt suprisingly good to be there but I knew there was a few friends missing who couldn't face it yet, and obviously Moose. I was so touched when I asked Jonny to cut the music and said a few words about Moose, everyone raised their glasses and gave a big cheer for an amazing friend, then I sang "Dancing in the Dark" as a tribute to him. I think if he could see me he'd have been so chuffed but also pissing his pants with laughter at my Springsteen dance. For Moose, always!
After much discussion we decided to head for Helsinki to play at Lani's Cheap Tricks night. It was the first time we'd travelled together and it was the first time we'd been reunited with Alex since he left for Bergen. The friends we made were amazing, the city was pretty awesome and it was pretty cool to be travelling with the guys. Sadly Sio & CC couldn't make it but we let the booze flow and had a good time anyway. After initial problems with the set up, the tunes started pumping and the good vibes started flowing. Sonja who was home visiting family had become a regular at our nights in cellar and it was amazing to meet her & her friends in Helsinki. After a live set by Introvert (kinda sums him up we thought) the guys took over in the big room but most folks had packed out to other clubs, so I hit the free booze and danced my ass off for 2 hours, there was one amazing guy, skinny with specs who kept dancing on his own but proper going for it. The drinks afterwards were great and Lani was an absolute star, if a night can be judged on how good a time you have then it was one of the best nights I've ever had. Highlights include spraying DO IT on a dudes ass, seeing everyone in their d-i-y DO IT tees, meeting the Vixen VJ, running around Helsinki for the after party and the bar maid in We Got Beef!

Fresh off the plane from Helsinki we were straight into a DO IT night for the folks back home. We decided to do something different and give people a chance to get dressed up. So the idea of the Forrest party was born. Originally planned for a patch of green just out side of Aberdeen, bad weather quickly put an end to that idea. But if we couldn't get people to the forrest then we would bring the forrest to the people! Enlisting the help of local artist Craig Barrowman who quickly threw some trees together for us and we waited for the animals to arrive. Special guest Boleskin did a great live set for us and managed to the attention of some of the animals in our forrest. I was blown away by the effort put into some of the costumes, I think top prize would go to Katie with her ring tailed Lemur suit but Katie busy bumble, the C C Fox, the SIOwl & Donna (I have nae idea what she is) all made a good effort. Highlights included people asking what the hell I was (Gatsby my cat) and DJ White Chocolate aka Bad Panda "Im nae a cat am a fucking Panda" smearing his make up on girls faces!
DO IT in Colour was basically another excuse to get dressed up and fight off the Winter SADS. We decided to give a massive nod to our friend Nicky Fitzgerald as Sept 10th marked 3 years since he sadly passed away. Attending his Soiree night was a real inspiration to us and everything we'd done and also personaly for myself and my growth as a creative person. So we went all out, got our jump suits sorted and let the lights flow. I had the idea of hanging carboard Klaus bears but never seemd to get round to finishing them but pulled a finger out and got them sprayed up nice and bright. It was sad to have to cut the music again but I think its important to acknowlege the good times and the sad times, my heart was really touched to see some of Nicky's friends cheer when his name was mentioned and the roaring cheers for the new life we have in the beautiful baby Rowan, Stuart & Dawns first born. We kicked back into the music with an appropriate 99 Red Balloons. Highlights included McGowan with his robot head & face paint and the table falling incident which may have led to a new relationship blossoming? Eh eh.
DO IT 10 saw the return of DJ Uraki Riddim (what a name). He brought the lovely Julie Arrive with him to add to our visual line up. C C and Sio went all out with some new smaller 3-D letters and special stenciled cd covers. Every month Sio has been producing these amazing cd covers and posters since DO IT 4 and is going to have her first exhibition next month at Beautiful Mountain cafe. But for this one Alex wanted to take do a poster but due to Mac power adapter failure he had to rely on some old skool cut and paste action, I think the poster came out pretty rad, haha. After some tooing and frowing me managed to convince a rather ill Brian D'Souza to join us again for a proper DO IT night on home turf in Cellar 35. Personally I thought all the elements were there but I didn't enjoy this one as much as previous nights, there was a few cloase friend's who couldn't make it and it made me realise that DO IT isn't about me, or Ben, Jonny or Alex but its about the friends who come down and enjoy what we do, support what were trying to do and dance the night away.
After some busy times I was ready for a break for a few months but realised it was our birthday! So I decided to get my ass down with plans of taking it easy. £50 later (I got balloons, cakes, badges, banners you name it) I got down and was chuffed to find all the friends i'd invited down early had come to join us for a pre DO IT beer on me. We also had Two Eyes joining us again and a DO IT first with DJ Giles Walker, sadly Giles had to leave early for another Mixtape party (busy, busy man) but played some cracking tunes for us and I was chuffed to see him down again. Some of the friendlings had to leave early but I figured it was a good time to say thanks to everyone whos supported the night but also to the people who put the effort in every month to make the night happen. 
So here's the roll call to everyone that I was too drunk to do properly on the night. Thanks to Alex for organising and inspiring, DJ White for his good vibes and good records, Sio for her amazing ideas and beautiful designs, Ben for his incredible visuals and support, CC for finding his feet and being there when most needed and finally to Moose for being the first one in and the last one out, for being who you are and for being my friend. I love you all.
Also special thanks to friends who have supported us throughout the last year inc Quas, Gregor, Callum, Shaun, Lindsey, Katie, Gav, Jen, Vickie, Katie B, Sonja, Mairi & posse, Ricco V, Stu & Anna,Paddy, Donna D, Ela Bella, Stuart & Dawn, Slavador Dali, Lee & Hayleigh, Mean Dean, Katie, Ryan & friends, Cat & Mairi, Sarah T, Jo & Amanda, Si, McGowan, Paddy, Fraser, Kieran, all the people who have played for us and spun for us, all the other friends I've missed out and finally to the amazing team at Cellar 35, Dave, Suki & Becky who help us do what we do.
So here's to a New Year, up wards and onwards and if all else fails? DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
p.s. Im working on a wee thank you video, coming soon!

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