Chips & 8 Bits...Chip Tune Gig @ Project Slogan!

Chip tune is a kind of music that is made using old 8 Bit Nintendo Game boys as far as I know. Project Slogan opened its doors to a few such musical maestros. First up was Tom the Noisemonger, not using game boys or really making chip tunes, Tom still played and makes some very cool sounds, click on his name above to hear more.

Next up was Comptroller, one half of Donside Productions. Admitting that he did use a laptop for some of his songs. apart from pressing play and standing proud (see pics below) there wasnt really much to see from Comptroller, luckily Ed had some nice 8 bit visuals he'd been working on and managed to fry a few brains with flashes of colour and cubes of pixel perfection.

Last up was Ed himself, or Edward Shallow to use his proper name. Ed was the man behind the gig and even had his own visuals, which I hijacked a little but tried to keep the pixel and colours theme. I heard someone say Edward had almost 7 hours of material but the music he played on the night was interesting enough and he'd made a big effort to pull it all together so have a look at his mysapce for more!

Sadly I didn't get any photos but I did video the gig so will do a wee promo and I think Michael & Edward will do some edits aswell. In the mean time here's a video by Edward, eyes on the prize!

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