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Conan Abel is a local lad who produces incredibaly delicate and beautiful glass & wood bowls and vases. With other hobbies including building big sound systems & riding his BMX like its 1984, I was a bit suprised to find out Conan get just as excited about wood & lathes as he does about his records.

Click on his name to go directly to his new blog where he will be posting about the progress of his latest collection of glass & wood pieces and get an insight into a man of many depths.

Next up is a new design blog by Donald Smith. I first met Donald through my brother who studied Graphic Design with him at college. With a great sense of humour and a charm you can only find in people from the highlands & islands, Donald manages to keep the balance between his traditional background and his modern career choice.
Click on his name to see his full page complete with photos, illustrations and other info you might want.

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