The BQE - Sufjan Stevens!

The BQE (Brooklyn Queens Expressway) is the new album & film by Sufjan Stevens. I became a fan of Sufjans after hearing his Lake Michigan album. His plan was to record an album for every state in the good ol US of A but I'm not sure how far hes gotten with that.
Anyway he decided to make a film about the BQE with him and a friend behind the lens. Here's some info about the BQE:

"The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is an incidental 12.7 miles of urban roadway built over the course of several decades (1939-1964), spear-headed by the master architect Robert Moses to accommodate for the increase of commercial and commuter traffic in New York City's outer boroughs. The roadway was a painstaking piecemeal project, poorly planned, badly built, and relentlessly encumbered by the obvious obstacles of the era: red tape, neighborhood protests, World War II, and a congested borough whose sequestering layout proved ill-fitting for the automobile. The resulting expressway-a pockmarked, serpentine, congested BQE-has become one of Brooklyn's most notable icons of urban blight. And, for Sufjan Stevens, an object of unmitigated inspiration."

Well I picked up a copy the other day and its a pretty awesome film and unsuprisingly the soundtrack is just as good. I'm hoping to organise a proper screening at some point here in our fair ABZ so ill let you know if it gets the go ahead, in the mean time check out the trailer below or pop down to your local independant record shop and get yerself a copy.

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