Ron Mueck @ Aberdeen Art Gallery!

Ron Mueck is an Australian sculptor currently living and working from his studio in London grill! Hes regarded as one of the best contemporary scultors of our time and there just so happens top be six of his works on display in Aberdeen Art Gallery. I can't rember exactly how the show came about but its something like this art collector donated his collection to the Tate and they decided to try and send work to as many galleries as possible to give more people a chance to see them. I know Edinburgh currently has a massive Damien Hirst collection on show.
Anyway, Ron's work is pretty awesome, dealing with the human body in different scales, some pieces are massive while other are minute his work will definately make an impact. I got a shiver up my spine walking around the 9ft high Wild Man sculptor (thats 9ft and the figure is sitting down!).

I did try to find some official information on the Art Galleries web site but it was a complete wast of time so instead if you would like to read more about Ron & his work click HERE and read the P&J article HERE!

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