Thursday, 10 September 2009

Nicholas "Klaus" Fitzgerald (1982 - 2006)

Nicky was someone I knew from my days at school and college. He was someone I would stop and ask about new music or old music as he always had some good suggestions. Nicky wasn't someone you needed to see often to feel a real warmth of friendship with and I always appreciated the times we shared together, his first Soiree night at the Old Kings Highway, everyone jammed in and the last time I saw him, sitting up drinking red wine and talking rubbish at 6am in Chris loft while everyone was crashed out around him.

A talented designer, artists, poet, brother, son & someone I feel proud to have called my friend. I know a lot of things I've done over the last 3 years have been as a direct result of the the things that Nicky was doing and the inspiration that he left me with after his passing.

For every year that passes less friends will be around, more people will move away and build different lives wherever they go but whatever I end up doing and wherever I end up doing it I will always keep a little space to spray up a Klaus bear or post up a sticker.

For Klaus.