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So after a 2 hour drive, a walk around the royal mile and a Mac D's for dinner, we finally kicked into the swing of it with fresh funky tunes (if it was 1985) and a dual projector set up for visuals. Our recent DO IT collaborator Boleskine joined us to mix things up a bit and also celebrated his birthday which was nice.

Took a while for people to come down and have a boogey but after the longest set White Chocolate has ever played he finally had a dance floor going and people seemed to be enjoying it. Best bit were when he stopped playing and some one told him to put on any album so folk could keep dancing, seeing Boleskine with his hair hero in the background (see pic below) and escaping Aberdeen to meet up with loads of nice friends, from Aberdeen!
One by Jonny, all arty with the insects

Boleskine & his hero
The table might be £4000 but SIO's artwork is priceless!
M.O.C. & DJ White Chocolate (DO IT)
A nice sleazy pic of Jonny

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