Stuart Allan Opening @ Kilau!

Stuart Allan is a local based artist & Grays graduate. He has produced a set of new paintings of friends and skulls which are on display in Kilauh Coffee. Stu's style is top and always produces quality work. This is the second portrait hes done of myself and I will hopefuly get a chance to buy it this time as the first one was bought by Aberdeenshire council!

Here's Stu's personal statement for his work: 

"I paint people. Using friends as subjects, I try to reflect a feeling of each personality in all individual works. I choose not to include a background because i want each piece to focus solely on the subject. Instead, I leave all drips and marks which occur during the painting process. I do this because I feel it is important to show some of the history of the final product.I like to leave visible brush strokes because I want my paintings to look like paintings. I do not believe in doing a painting to look like a photograph.I take influence from many different areas of art. From traditional artists like Lucian Freud, graffiti artist David Choe and portrait and tattoo artist Shawn Barber. Surrounding myself with creative people is also very important to me and my work".

It was an emotional opening for a few of us as Stu had also decided to paint a tribute to our good friend James who we sadly lost on the 1st of April. To look into his portrait was to look into something deeper than a photograph, a strange feeling but nice that someone who'd only know Moose for a short space of time could capture a part of him that photographs never could. For this I thank Stu and hope he keeps up the good work.

James " Moose" Costello (1984 - 2009)

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