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Candy For The Eyes & Ears 3! By Hand, WUW Magazine, Riceboy Sleeps & Passion Pit!

Figured it would be nice to look at a few things from beyond the wonderful world of Aberdoom again but not because there's a lack of things happening. Aberdeen seems to be a pretty busy place and is only getting busier with local little people taking on oil tycoons and club nights ahoy hoy.

Anyway, picked up a very intersting book called By Hand: The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art. Its does exactly what it says on the tin and delivers a very well researched archive of artists employing the use of craft techniques in their work, from needle & thread, paper folding, screen printing and book binding. It combines artists statements with beautifull pictures of the individuals work to show what theyre about and how they use craft techiniques to achieve their end results. A wide selection of artists and styles are covered in the book inc, Satoru Aoyama, BB&PPINC, Kelly Breslin, Rachel Cattle,Rowena Dring, Electricwig & many more. By Hand is available from any book shop worth…

The Bloody Beetroots @ Snafu!

Let It Bleed is a local thinker and music promoter, know to be on the pulse and helping to bring good acts to Aberdeen, whether is Scottish indie mentalists DANANANANAYKROYD, Norge nutters Casio Kids, local troubadours The Little Kicks or big players like Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem & Aeroplane.

His latest event was one of the ssweatiest but also most enjoyable nights I've had in a while, Italian nuts The Bloody Beetroots! Was looking forward to doing some visuals for the gig but due to the numbers and size of the stage we decided not too, although I think they would have loved my Spiderman cartoon / UK Shaggers video mix! Maybe next time. Have a scan at the video to see what a good time it was.

Also check out the mental WESC Bloody Beetroots headphones, available from Boarderline!

I ♥ UTG vs Electric Institute @ Karova!

Electric Institute and I ♥ UTG are joining forces to bring you an extra special fresh midweek club night aimed at people with a strong taste in good music and good times.
Electric Institute have been keeping the kids of Aberdeen filthy and sweaty with their mixes of electro/house and techno. They have seen guests such as Hostage, A’La Fu, Jack Beats and Foamo play in the last few months and with plans to bring up bigger and better guests, these guys really know how to party!
They are clubbing together with I ♥ UTG to bring you a night of mayhem which will support their campaign to help save the future and diversity of our city. So come along to KOROVA Club (Windmill Brae, Aberdeen) on Thursday 24th Sept and get sweaty and filthy to save your city. There will be a £1 door fee, all proceeds will go towards the I ♥ UTG campaign.

DO IT in the Forrest! Takk!

Just a huge thanks to everyone who came down to the DO IT Forrest party, wish we could have done it in a real forrest but thats Scottish weather for you. Massive thanks to Craig for making the trees, Sio for the awesome poster, Boleskin for the beats, White Chocolate for the sheer funnyness of his panda face, Ben for the visuals and to everyone who came down and made it a great night. x

Stuart Allan Opening @ Kilau!

Stuart Allan is a local based artist & Grays graduate. He has produced a set of new paintings of friends and skulls which are on display in Kilauh Coffee. Stu's style is top and always produces quality work. This is the second portrait hes done of myself and I will hopefuly get a chance to buy it this time as the first one was bought by Aberdeenshire council!

Here's Stu's personal statement for his work: 

"I paint people. Using friends as subjects, I try to reflect a feeling of each personality in all individual works. I choose not to include a background because i want each piece to focus solely on the subject. Instead, I leave all drips and marks which occur during the painting process. I do this because I feel it is important to show some of the history of the final product.I like to leave visible brush strokes because I want my paintings to look like paintings. I do not believe in doing a painting to look like a photograph.I take influence from many different ar…