Scoop* Hide & Seek Exhibition!

SCOOP* is a new collective of artists all based in Aberdeen. Its 3 friends who have decided to come together to help push and motivate the art scene in Aberdeen. Their aims don't need to be written down but do include brining fresh talent to the city, helping emerging artists with organising shows, finding alternative venues as well as working with existing organisations like Project Slogan and to have fun and enjoy art the way it should be.

The first Scoop* group show is due to take place on Saturday 15th August at an as yet undiclosed out doors location. Also on the same night is the DO IT Forrest Party at Cellar 35 with Animal / Tree themed dress up (ill be the giant beautiful Mainecoon cat in a suit you'll see dragging birds into the bushes). To take part, find out more or have a chat add Scoop on myspace HERE and on facebook HERE!

Below is a few bits and pieces I'm working on for the group show, feels good to be working on my own stuff for a change instead of making videos of other peoples work. Fire onto the facebook page on the 14th to find out the location of the Hide & Seek show, get your facepaints out, get your knitting needles clicking and join in the fun. Ohhh, did I mention there will be free badges? What more do you need!

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