Save the Arts Centre Petition - Update!

It seems the press are starting to take notice of the petition to save the Arts Centre in Union Terrace Gardens. Katie has been interviewed by a number of news papers and BBC radio. I feel proud to call Katie a friend and think the work she is doing in support of the Arts Centre is fantastic.

But the fact is that it goes beyond whether or not we get a new Arts Centre. In a city which has already raked up a £50 million deficit and has been forced to close after school clubs, how can we allow them to send the city into even more debt by funding the rest of Sir Ian Woods plan? Also I love the green space in Union Terrace and the trees are so beautiful. I don't want to be in a city who values retail units and under ground car parks over its Victorian heritage and green public spaces.

I'd just like to say that although I consider myself part of the wider artistic community in Aberdeen I'm not supprting this just for the sake of it. I can't say what my involvement would be with regards to the work I do and the type of creative endevours I under take but I know I'd rather have it for future generations to help them explore the creative arts and to give them chances to experience things that we may have missed out on. It just makes sense, unfortunately the people in power will tell you that the arts centre is part of all the plans, yet it doesn't seem to show up, perhaps I dont have all the information?
Union Terrace how it used to be used and could well again be used
But regardless of all of this, I think a stand had to be made against the way that this whole thing has been handled both by the council and who ever Sir Ian Wood is working with. It seems that money and power speak louder than policy and procedure and therefore allow you to do what you want. Well I hope that this is not the case and that whatever the out come of it all the people of Aberdeen will get what they want and also what they deserve, please just for once do the right bloody thing.

Anyway, enough ranting from me. To read the latest article form the P&J click HERE. Also to read a very interesting post by Boleskin click HERE, he has a lot of un biased & factual information.
The toilets under Union Terrace, soon to be concreted over forever? Such a shame to face losing such an important part of our heritage. I've never seen these in real life but if the Arts Centre was to go ahead then these may be turned into a restauant, retaining the original features of the architecture! Amazing.

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