Thursday, 23 July 2009

Now Thats What I Call..... Music @ Project Slogan!

Fraser Denholm is an Aberdeen based artist who's work revolves around the use of sound & objects. Fro his latest work he cobbled together a load of old junk, music junk. Tape players, cassettes, recod players, old vinyl, speakers, stereos you name it, Fraser had it.
As part of his exhibition he held an open swap shop event where people could leave tapes, records etc for Fraser to use or they could take some of his much loved vinyl (no takers for Lionel Richie though, whats wrong with people).

Everything was building up towards a final performance in which Fraser would use every piece of working equipment to dj for the evening, this involved tuning in radios and mixing it with records and pressing play on tape decks, harder than it sounds with so many to choose from. Due to other obligations I was unable to attend the final performance but was treated to a preview the night before (see pics below). 

However, Fraser was smart enough to set up some cameras and captured his entire set for your viewing and listening pleasure. See video below. All in all it sounded like a good night and its great to see Fraser grow with each show he produces. For more check his web site HERE!

NOW....Thats What I Call Music from Fraser Denholm on Vimeo.