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I've been a regular reader of Juxtapoz Magazine for a good while now, every month I rush out to Plan 9 and pick up my copy, hastily flicking through it to see what wonders it has for me. Juxtapoz is an arts magazine but its produced by people see beyond the boundaries of high brow wank and instead embrace all the weird and wonderfull counter culture, no skool, low brow art that has come to be more acceptable, no part thanks to magazines like Juxtapose and their staff who work very hard every month in making each issues a treasure to read.

You'll find everything from contemporary graffiti, street art, scultors, painters, mess makers and certainly no fakers, check out their site HERE!

As I was in browsing WH Smith for something to read I came across Grafik Magazine. The bold illustration on the cover instantly grabbed my attention and I had to buy it. Little did I realise that 9 of my hard earned gold nuggets would be the price. However, if you are a fan of good design and like to find out about things out side of the Granite city then I reccomend you get some nuggets and pick yourself up a copy.

It covers everything from record sleeve & book design to Berlin design studios and hot new exhibitions. Check out their digital magazine HERE!.

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