The Dark Lord vs Peacock Visual Arts!

There has been a big stink surrounding this issue. Peacock Visual Arts has somehow managed to get the funding, they have a beautiful design in place, the council is almost ready to move forward with their plans and lo and behold Sir Ian Wood steps in with a new plan to conrete over the whole site in the name of progress and civic pride, a plan that carries a price tag big enough to send the council into debt for the next 50 years and what do they do, they decide it sounds like a good!

Aberdeen City Council has always been a bit slow but I would never have sensed it could be so bloody backwards. No wonder were seen as a bunch of sheep shaggers with people like this making decisions which will not only affect us but generations to come and is already affecting us now. 

Only a few months ago the newspapers ran stories about how the councils poor money management would lead to thee closure of council funded facilities including the Bon Accord swimming pool and many much needed after schools clubs. They even stopped taxis which are vital for getting disabled children to school.

But if you have £800 000 000 in the bank then it seems you can do what you want and the council will support you. I personally have no problem with Ian Wood (apart from his threatening manner towards my friends when they told him his idea was shit & he called them selfish for wanting an Arts Centre because a giant slab of concrete in the middle of the town is just what everyone else seems to want). 

Union Terrace gardens isn't perfect by a long shot and does need something done about it and I think a new Arts Centre would help revitalise the area, perhaps Ian Woods offer of 50 million towards his vision could be used to keep all the drunkies & junkies out of Union Terrace so hard working normal folk like us can actually enjoy it in peace without the threat of a pitbull biting your face off. 

It seems like the council has already chosen its winner and seems to be blatantly snubbing the Arts Centre plans, if you want to find out how you can support the Arts Centre then check out the facebook group here and don't worry, there will be alot more to be said on this matter in the coming months and hopefully sanity will prevail.