Art In Unusual Places!

The World famous E.A.R.L. of Sandwich or just Earls has long been providing the hip and in the know people of Aberdeen with the best sandwiches in town. None of this healthy eating, treat people like shit (Beautiful Mountain) or over priced cool (Kilauh), just good honest service and good food.

But not content with keeping our bellies happy, the Earl is also doing their bit to stimulate our eyes and ears. With their blog of delights, you'll find some fine musical selection made by Corralo and Kit. Ok they havent up dated it in a million years but hey ho. But its the art side of things thats got me excited anyway.

Using the shop walls to showcase some local and international talent, you can find modern day masterpieces by artists such as M.O.C. (me), Willie Moulding, Doog & Remi / Rough. So next time you want some culture with your panini and maybe some inspiration then check out the EARL!

Too Old To Die Young by Doog

Record sleeve by Willie Moulding

An overview of the shop

Four more by Doog

Skull by Remi / Rough

A drippy one by me

The EARL kids, all up in your grill!

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