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IPU Opening @ Project Slogan!

Project Slogan Presents: Institute of Progressed Understanding - I.P.U.
The Institute of Progressed Understanding (I.P.U.) was set up in the late 1940s in order to give a clearer understanding of the rapid developments happening in science and technology at the time. Until recently its activities had been of the up most secrecy, however with the passing of the Secrets Act in 1998 some of its operations where forced to be made public. I

n 2007 there was even an ‘open day’ at the formally top secret Ministry of Defence base at Dean Hill. The I.P.U. is now facing even more pressure to make its activities more transparent, to the dissatisfaction of its often private investors. It is for these reasons that the I.P.U. has opened its Aberdeen office to the general public; however we do ask that you kindly do not disclose any of the information or things that you see here to anyone else that has not been here.
An exhibition of work by Adam Lewis-Jaco…

Art In Unusual Places!

The World famous E.A.R.L. of Sandwich or just Earls has long been providing the hip and in the know people of Aberdeen with the best sandwiches in town. None of this healthy eating, treat people like shit (Beautiful Mountain) or over priced cool (Kilauh), just good honest service and good food.

But not content with keeping our bellies happy, the Earl is also doing their bit to stimulate our eyes and ears. With their blog of delights, you'll find some fine musical selection made by Corralo and Kit. Ok they havent up dated it in a million years but hey ho. But its the art side of things thats got me excited anyway.

Using the shop walls to showcase some local and international talent, you can find modern day masterpieces by artists such as M.O.C. (me), Willie Moulding, Doog & Remi / Rough. So next time you want some culture with your panini and maybe some inspiration then check out the EARL!

Too Old To Die Young by Doog

Record sleeve by Willie Moulding

An overview of the shop

Four more…

Entrails Issue 3 Launch Quiz Night!

Entrails Issue 3 Cover

'Silent Boundary' by Mhairi McGhee & Louise Emslie & 'Viola' by Dean Lawson

'Lumberjack' by Richard J Sanderson

'Flooring Bargins' by Lucy Smith Thanks to everyone who came to the Entrails Issue 3 Quiz Launch night. A great time was had by all, especially when we won. The zine is going from strength to strength and is looking amazing. The quality of the work being submitted seems very high which can only be a good thing. Dead line for the next issue is 10th July, email submissions to, email them for more details and if you can't find a copy in local shops then try emailing the boys. Good work lads.
Contributors to issue 3 are: Ross Perkin, Philip Reid, Rob Ewanchuck, Richard J Sanderson, Charlotte Traynor, Julia Strachenko, Adam Hanley, Lisa Hassel, Samuel Longmire, Lizzy Stewart, Rae Duncan, Lucy Smith, Lyndsay McMillan, Katey-Jean Harvey, Clare Halifax, Dave Bain, Mhairi McGhee & Lousie Emslie, …

Wunder Kammer Opening @ Project Slogan!

I think this is one of the best shows I've seen this year. Having shown some of Jenny & Stuarts animations at the film nights I knew they would have some weird & wonderful treats for my eyes. 
With a fine selection of photographs, dead birds, sculture pieces and an amazing new animation from Jenny, this is one show you should definately check out. On a Project Slogan 2 until Thursday 7th May. Pay close attention to the mice in the microwave!
Walking mice in a microwave, awesome

Painting of chimp face by Stuart
Statement for the show Two headed cow made from Beanie babies


Fraser & iammartin

Student Sculpture Show @ The Academy!

Last month the 3rd Year sculture students got their first taste of holding an exhibition. They used the a shop unit in the academy which was formally FCUK. The owners have been very cool about letting the students & the art school use the space for shows. 

The work exhibited was intersting and I think the students will have gained a better idea about what it takes to organise a show and to get your work finished on time. My favourite peiece was the ice cream van made from cardboard, the artist made ice cream cones from candy floss which looked delicous at the start of the day but had dried out by the time pics were taken by Alex. DJ Money hit up the crowd with a fine selection of tunes and I think everyone had fun.

Onwards and upwards, looking forward to seeing what these kids do next and also to the 4th year degree show is running at Greys school of art from the end of June.

The fish tank

The tunnel

Living room instalation with audio & video piece
Having some ice cream from Mhari&#…

Alice Myers Photo Exhibition @ Project Slogan!

Alice's show finally came to end in the Langstane Gallery. Thanks to everyone who went down for a cup of tea and a chat with Alice.

Cakes & tea for the opening