Graffiti Wall? Public Art Wall? Please?

Well someone said to me it wouldn't be worth going to this meeting as they had already mad eup their minds and by the sounds of this article my friend was right. Bill Cormie who is dead set against such a thing as a graffitti wall and even said such a scheme in his area was "a no goer and nobody took it seriously". 

Now I'm sure if the kids had asked for a new football pitch then a new football pitch would have been built. But because street art, graffiti, probably any kind of art is so alien to this person he doesn't understand the implications of rejecting such projects, based on his out dated beliefs no doubt.

I don't think a graffiti wall would solve the problems around the denburn area, I agree that all the tags look messy and dare I say, threatening! However the last time I used the stairs in the Denburn car park I was more concerned about the hypodermic needle lying next to my foot than I was about the tags (I have the photos to prove this aswell).

The thing that pissed me off, and it was the same with trying to get a public skatepark, if there is a problem and the local council is unwilling to put at least part of a solution in place then how can we move forward! If a public art wall was to apear then I'm sure with the amount of local artists itching to try their hand at something bigger we could really do something special. Look at the work of Annita or Sleuth, Katie could knit a nice cover for it for the winter, the possibilities are endless and it doesn't need to be just about graffers or taggers. This wall could benefit a lot of people. 

I've heard that Transition Extreme skatepark no has a designated graffiti wall and as far as I know it has only been used to slag off some poor wretch with the usual prepubescent piss taking. SO I say get your paints out, get your ideas ready and head down and show them what can be done with some time & effort. If its not used properly then it might be lost forever! Ill see you there.

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