Candy for the Eyes & Ears 1! Mr Jago, Frightened Rabbit & The Twilight Sad!

For the last year I've been a regular reader of Juxtapoz Arts & Culture magazine. Although based in the states these guys are no snobs when it comes to keeping up with whats going on in the British & European art scene with cover stories by Parra (Netherlands) D*Face (England) to name a few. I was stoked to pick up this months issue and find a full feature on Mr Jago (Bristol).

I first discovered Duncans work through Addict clothing who commisioned him to do some designs for them including full jacket prints and t shirts. He is also the only artists to have his designs turned into a vinyl figure by the Addict team.

Above Custom Camobot by Mr Jago and blueprints below.

Mr Jago's characters have such an amazing quality to them, its hard to pin down exactly what it is that makes them so appealing. I think when I saw his "Ramp Builder" painting that was it for me. i've been follwing his work both solo and as part of the Scrawl Collective and hes taking off. Have a look at his stuff and pick up some prints while you still can because I can see his prices going stellar.

The Ramp Builder (reminds me of The Wave by Hokusai without the impending doom).

Some treats for the ears would have to be Frieghtend Rabbit & The Twilight Sad. Two Glasgow based bands who have landed on Fat Cat records. Both bands have a distinctive sound and very strong scottish vocals which is great to hear since the demise of Arab Strap although Aidan Moffat is busier than ever. Check them out and get on it.

Absolutely love the Twilight Sads artwork

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