MoC Smile x Graffiti Wall at Transition Extreme!

Transition Extreme, Aberdeen's best and only indoor skatepark have taken a massive gamble and set up their own Graffiti walls right out side their own front door. There are 2 walls, one out side the main entrance, about 25 m long and another beside the old putting green. Were calling the second wall dick alley as so far the only thing to appear on them have been willies but hopefuly the lego brick smiley face will encourage some more thought out pieces.

It was incredible to do some stencils with out the worry of being busted aswell.However there is a danger that the boards will become a place to scribble words of hate and abuse so if you have any ideas for a piece or would like to try your hand then I suggest you join us for a paint jam due to take place soon hopefuly. It would be a shame to lose it as will surely happen if it isn't used for doing good work.

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