Image After Memory & Beautiful Losers!

The Image After Memory opening was a good laugh and had a good turn out. We didn't get down until after 9 but people soon pilled in and were quick to move away from the eerie images in glass cabinets with their glowing eyes staring back from an unknown place in an unknown time. The darker pics are closer to what it was like in the space, except when I was flashing people with my camera.

Eye spy with my little eyes.........
Gallery owner put hands up and admits "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing!"
The room was dimly lit and had some eerie music playing

The eyes!

Some peeps who made it down to the Beautiful Losers film screening. I walked out at the end and felt like I was looking at things for the first time again. I knew much of the artists already but it was really refreshing to see them and hear them expressing their ideas and also encoraging others to get on it and do it.

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