Entrails 2 Zine Launch Bingo Night @ Under the Hammer!

After taking 5 months to complete the first issue of Entrails and not really having a proper shindig for it Mr Allan pulled all the stops out for a fun fuelled night of bingo action. £3 for 4 games, prizes provided by One Up records and the joy of hearing Lee call out all the ridiculous bingo terms made for a great evening. 

The zine itself it a remarkable piece of work with great effort and detail going into the design and manufacture of it (its hand made with glue and stuff). The illustrations and short stories really expose the hidden talent that's emerging and has already broken through in Aberdeen. So pat on the back to Mr Allan and if you didn't get a cop yet then get down to One Up records (Belmont Street) Earl Of Sandwich (The Green) or Forbidden Planet (Schoolhill) and get your free copy. The next issue is due for release in May I think so get drawing and for more details / submissions email entrails@hotmail.co.uk

Lee & Al getting ready the B.I.N.G.O.
Alistair about to dip into his bawsack!

Gilla & Annita, in it to win it!

Hot Tom in happier times

Chuckle just taking in Alistair rummaging in his ball sack

Almost lad

Big G loving the fun times

Mr & Mrs Allan and Andy (funny how his mum and dad won the first 2 games!!!!!)

The stress was really getting to me at this point

C Bear & Siobhan, no prizes for them unless sexy hair wins prizes

Hot Tom didn't win any prizes but we love him all the same

The grand prize, expensive headphones from One UP, thought the last game would never end


All the bingo people in the house
Katie & Ryan having fun with the daubers

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