Piano Gig @ Project Slogan!

Popped along to Project Slogan to see some lovely musicians playing a lovely piano in Sarah's studio. She described the experoence like "Having a bunch of people, strangers in my pants and I invited them" but despite this everything went well. 

First up was the amazing Kathryn Sawers, I really didn't realise that people this talented lived in Aberdeen. Her piano playing is delicate and beautiful, her lyrics are heartfelt and sincere but her voice is truely stunning. As soon as she opened her mouth people began to zone out and imagined far off magical places.

Stephen Podlesny was up next and brought a his lovely hands to the keys. Despite a twiching leg and the pressure of playing to a room of 10, Stephen managed to play some lovely tunes. I've never seen someone in real life who can reach those scary high long notes but Stephen seemed to have a control over his vocal chords that must have taken years of practice. He finished his set with a nice cover of one of Kathryn's song as well as a wee ditty sung in the style of a man from Peterheed, ken fit like!

The evening was finished off in good style by Sarah J Tingle, isntigator of the new art revolution in Aberdeen and main doll behind Project Slogan. I've seen Sarah playing before with her keytar, her songs are good but rely on backing tracks to play along with, where as here it was just her and her piano. The songs took on a whole new dimension and sounded more powerfull and heartfelt than ever before. Highlight of her set had to be the Rolf Harris Stylophone with blue tack to hold a single note which Sarah expertly played over the top of, she wasnt sure if it would work out but it was my favourite moment of the night, the dull drone just coming through under her piano and vocals. 

Apologies if my review seems more like something you'd read in a school newspaper, I have been reading the Rotters Club which has a lot of school newspaper related ideas in it. And hey if you werent threre to see if for yourself then maybe you should ask yourself, "where was I on Wednesday night and why didnt I go to this amazing event?" Answers on a postcard please!

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