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Piano Gig @ Project Slogan!

Popped along to Project Slogan to see some lovely musicians playing a lovely piano in Sarah's studio. She described the experoence like "Having a bunch of people, strangers in my pants and I invited them" but despite this everything went well. 

First up was the amazing Kathryn Sawers, I really didn't realise that people this talented lived in Aberdeen. Her piano playing is delicate and beautiful, her lyrics are heartfelt and sincere but her voice is truely stunning. As soon as she opened her mouth people began to zone out and imagined far off magical places.

Stephen Podlesny was up next and brought a his lovely hands to the keys. Despite a twiching leg and the pressure of playing to a room of 10, Stephen managed to play some lovely tunes. I've never seen someone in real life who can reach those scary high long notes but Stephen seemed to have a control over his vocal chords that must have taken years of practice. He finished his set with a nice cover of one of Kat…

Dropstitched by Katie Guthrie @ Project Slogan!

Katie Guthrie is a local artist who shares space with Sarah at the Project Slogan gallery in Torry. She has had many shows across Aberdeen, one of her best being captured forever when she straddled a metal leopard beside Union Terrace gardens, wearing only her pants and a top. Needless to say Katie is a top artists and will be building up those knitting muscles like nobodies business so make sure you get down on the 17th - 28th March to see the fruits of her labour.

DO IT! Presents......

'DO IT presents' is our new feetshake inducing and bunnet bouncing night featuring our favourite new, uncovered or already golden acts from around the interstellar globe, scotchland and doon the road over two whole floors all night long and alongside your favourite resident fiddlers RIDDIM, WHITE CHOCOLATE, S+O, M.O.C. - fantastico - orgasmico - DO IT more!!!

Nights kick off upstairs in the brand new swanky yet grimeycool SNAFU bar and then continue downstairs in SNAFU club till you drop and your toes stop.Expect to see more live shows + dj battles + bands who are to funky to be called bandsall with smatterings of graphical literature and visuals moving fluently through both floors....'DO IT presents...' @SNAFUlive from 25th January 2009

Up & Coming Events!

The Open Knowlege Network event kicks off again at the end of January with another event being held at Peacock Visual Arts. Sure to be fun and informative, check out the details of whos sharing their brains HERE!

DO IT Presents Brian D'Souza @ Snafu on Sunday 25th January. Visuals by myslef & S+O. Facebook details HERE!

Collaborative Mural @ Project Slogan!

Artist in residence Craig Barrowman decided to open the doors to the Project Slogan gallery to the public, providing the paint & the brushes. I'd been drinking until 7 in the morning but after 30 minutes of sitting watching Sleuth painting I decided to join in. Before we knew it more people were turning up and getting into it.
The infamous Gabberdeen helped provide some music to keep people painting through the night. I had to go away for an hour and was chuffed to see lots of new people mixing it up on the walls when I got back and everyone in a nice mood after lots of wine and beers.
Sleuth & his Rhino. See more of his work HERE!
Gav I think.
People just taking it all in
Craig trying to cover up the mess

Some Old Skool designs by the Gabberdeen crew.

My bodyless soldier gets a body.

The walls got well covered.

I like Monkey Face.

Yeah we lasted until 1a.m. Woooooooooooo.

Polaroid Update!

My friend just sent me this link which confirms that 2009 is going to be an amazing year for everyone. 

If you like Polaroid's then click HERE! If you want to see some Polaroid's then click HERE!
If anyone needs to get some Polaroid film then you can get the double pack of 20 shots from ASDA for £17, cheapest I've seen in a shop anyway. Good times. These kids have just heard the news, look at them party!!!

Happy New Year & Good Times in 2009!

Happy New year folks. Only 12 days in and already there's a load of good things happening.

Tuesday 13th there is a film screening at Peacock Visual Arts from 7 to 8.30 pm, for more details click HERE.

On Wednesday night Ellie & Lila will be playing some nice music in Kilauh on just off Belmont Street. I don't know anything else but check them out.
Saturday 17th Craig Barrowman & Brian Ross invite you all to join them in a collaborative mural event at Project Slogan Gallery 2 on Langstane Place. They have the paint & the brushes, do you have the skills and ideas? If so come down, things are kicking off around 3pm and will be going until midnight with music from Gabberdeen at 8pm, should be a banger. Check details on facebook HERE.
Finally a massive thanks to everyone who came to the DO IT! night on Friday. We had a great time and look forward to making the next night just as good. DO IT! 4 will be at Cellar 35 on Friday 13th Feb.

Photo by Katie Guthrie. (M.O.C. Riddim, …