Local Film Makers Wanted!!!

Do you make films? DO you know someone who makes films? Would you like to make films?

I'm looking for local people to submit films for a monthly film showcase for local talent. All films are welcomed, short films, documentaries, music promos, skate / snow / surf movies, everything will be given a play. All we need is for you to get in touch and hopefuly we can create a new relaxed cinema experience.

The main aim of the night is to give local video makers a platform for getting their work seen by a wide audience, kind of a mix between showing your films to friends and family and going to the cinema so see a blockbuster. I know there's a lot of you out there so dont hesistate to get in touch. E Mail me on mood_of_collapse@hotmail.co.uk
This is the space well be using for the movie nights. Films are visible from out side on the street.
Inside will probably have pictures on the walls as this is a gallery space, which should make it fun to hold events in.

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