M83 @ King Tuts!

Went down to see M83 in Glasgow. If you don't know their music then I suggest you check them out. My friend Chris has a good description for them.

"Its like when you really like a girl, and then just as your going to ask her out she starts going out with one of your friends. This sends you into a binge of cheap scotch. By the end of the night your so drunk you can barely stand and feel so sad inside you can barely face walking home alone. But when you hit the streets there covered in a layer of soft whyte snow. You look up and see the soft features of a friend, the last person you'd expect to see at that moment but the just the right person to pick you up and help you glide along the white streets home to the comfort of your bed, chats along the way that bring comfort and reason to your thoughts. The friend stays for a few days and looks after your emotional needs and finally at the end of it you don't feel better, you feel amazing".

Thankfully we didn't have as testing a night as that although the lack of people dancing was confusing as we were full on going for it at the back of King Tuts. But in many ways we each had a little journey to go on that night, we each had to find a little sadness to find great happiness.
Hotel Fun Times.

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