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DO IT! Friday 5th December @ Cellar 35!

++++++++++DO IT2>Friday 5/12+++++++++
Cellar Bar 35
£3 entry includes free limited edition mix cd/poster print hand welded by S+O
Get your pumps pumped and oil your lederhosen....

!!!DO IT2 is here!!!

Resident djs RIDDIM+JONNY B. Laying doing another hyper-galactic mix of hip hop, soul, shoegaze, glitch, pop, electro, love melodies & deep rabid holes.

Live visuals by M.O.C. Analogue hands meets digital fingers for a live visual frenzy of nature, granite, other peoples hands and pretty abstract colours of a DO IT nature...very nice stuff

Special guest artist 'S+O'. Up and coming organic doodler and image fiddler S+O has used her gifted craft hands to weld together 30 limited edition cd/posters for YOU!!!
Limited to the first 30 guests of the evenings proceedings.

Get down pronto!!

!!!DO IT2 the5ththe5th5th5ththe5th5thDecember!!!
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Electronic Media show @ Limousine Bull!

Go check it out, the PeM students getting their shit together.

Wanted!!! Film Makers & Short Films!!!!

If you guys know any film makers or people who would be interested in making some short films then put me onto them or vice cersa. Basically looking to get enough short films to have a showcase each month, it doesn't matter if its well made or not, it doesn't matter what its about, (A Documentary about the kids with crazy emo motley crew mullets would be Cradical), skateboarding movies, short animations, drama's, abstract art stuff, your dads old super 8 movies, all are welcome.

So please put the word out or go one better and make something yourself. Ill be out of the country until the 23rd so I will get back to people as soon as I'm back. Thanks in advance for any tip offs. E mail me:

The Centre Cannot Hold by Craig Barrowman @ Under the Hammer!

Go check it out while you can, this guy is hot property and will be shipping out to the good old U.S of A so get on it. Ill be away so will miss the opening night but if anyone has photos they'd like to pass on then ill boost them up.

There's also talk of a good night at the lemon tree involving electric vs acoustic sounds so check for more.

DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! @ Cellar 35!

DJ Riddim & Jonny B with Visuals by MOC (Me). The night is about getting down to some good tunes, meeting new people and getting some free shit. For the first night (07.11.08) we had Alistair Allan drop in a few of his new Entrails zines. This things have been made with love, ill be adding pics and details of them soon. Hopefully well have another night on in December and then take it from there. Check out Cellar 35's Bebo here.

Future Shorts - Thank You!

I just want to say thanks to all the people who came to the first Future Shorts night in Aberdeen. I'm working on a local film night for December at Project Slogan in Langstane place so any film makers, noise makers & trouble makers get in touch. All ideas welcome.


Me & Sarah Tingle, Project Slogan owner.

Jaco & Dawn

Katie & friend

Marchin, Moose, Ela & Pamela

Cradical & Katie


Ryan & Pam


Fraser, Sarah & Martin

Me & Simon

Cakes made by Mooses mum.

M83 @ King Tuts!

Went down to see M83 in Glasgow. If you don't know their music then I suggest you check them out. My friend Chris has a good description for them.
"Its like when you really like a girl, and then just as your going to ask her out she starts going out with one of your friends. This sends you into a binge of cheap scotch. By the end of the night your so drunk you can barely stand and feel so sad inside you can barely face walking home alone. But when you hit the streets there covered in a layer of soft whyte snow. You look up and see the soft features of a friend, the last person you'd expect to see at that moment but the just the right person to pick you up and help you glide along the white streets home to the comfort of your bed, chats along the way that bring comfort and reason to your thoughts. The friend stays for a few days and looks after your emotional needs and finally at the end of it you don't feel better, you feel amazing".
Thankfully we didn't have …