Ólafur Arnalds, Greg Haines & Finn at The Tunnels!

Interesting Music Promotions & Dizzy Storm put on a great gig last night. Hailing from Iceland, Ólafur Arnalds plays enchanting and haunting instrumental music. He has a mini string quartet to accompany his piano based tracks aswell as static samples and noises. The stage and lighting was expertly set up and really added to haunting yet beautiful effect the music had on me. A true wonder to behold. 
Greg Haines was second on the bill and despite some sound problems managed to perform an interesting set of noise based music. Top marks for the most interesting use of sand on stage.
I have to admit I though he was going to bring out a mandolin and play some pixie music. Finn is a German singer songwriter from the middle ages. He plays very sweet music with very beautiful lyrics. Hopefuly we will see more people making this kind of effort to travel forward through time to bring us great music.
I almost for got to say, check out THREEDEEGLASSES pages, he designed the nice poster at the start of this post. His work is awesome.

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