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Hung, Drawn, Quartered.....

This is a video I made for Brian Ross & Craig Barrowman, two local artists who took a stand against boredom and the art venues in Aberdeen by hosting their own painting day in Union Terrace gardens. 

Hung, Drawn, Quartered - Craig Barrowman & Brian Ross from MoC on Vimeo.

If My Garden Is Bigger @ Project Slogan!

Annita Stewart is a local Aberdeen artist and friend. When i found out she would be drawing at Project Slogan for 2 weeks to complete an art piece in the space I thought it would be good to document her progress. So heres 2 weeks of photos & videos in 10 minutes.

If My Garden Is Bigger, You Live Further Away - Annita Stewart from MOC Productions on Vimeo.

For a few of the days I shot a series of still images to try and do a stop motion effect. On the final DVD it came out quite good. It was a good learning experience for me and I managed to hang out with Annita for 2 weeks without going mental.


Hey I don't really have much to report at the moment so i'm just going to point you towards some web sites & other blogs that might be of interest to you. I like street art, graffiti and art related stuff so thats mostly what ill be blogging about here so check back soon. In the mean time check out:
More with pics & vids soon.