'Lady Garden' by Kilo Alpha Editions at Foodstory Upstairs!

'Lady Garden' is the new solo exhibition by Kirstyn aka Kilo Alpha Editions. I first met Kirstyn thanks to Painted Doors and was interested to see her unique style and colour palette. With the instant gratification of instagram its easy to build up an idea of someone's work and aesthetics but sometimes you just have to put a load of pictures on a wall and have a show!

And 'Lady Garden' I think perfectly sums up Kirstyn and what she does. Skeletons, snakes, bodies and plants all intermingle and bounce off each other across the numerous works on display from drawings to paintings along with a couple of bespoke denim jacket pieces for good measure. You might also recognise her big piece from the 'Street Jam' held at 6 Degrees North and the snake piece which she painted on the window of the newly opened Dr Martens store. Kirstyn isn't afraid to mix things up and has also created some large scale murals for Bridge Street Social Club and Unit 51 and seems happy on any canvas.

With only a few more days to check out the show I highly recommend getting yourself down to Foodstory, grab a pesto salad bowl and head up stairs to check it out!

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