Introducing Kəˈkuːn Studio at Art Hive!

Kəˈkuːn Studio is a new artist studio space in Rosemount set up by myself and Mary Butterworth. Some 7 months on from signing the lease were finally ready to open the doors and invite people in thanks to Art Hive who hosted an event with us on Saturday 30th June.
Our first Art Hive featured a short introduction to the space and our ideas from Mary and myself followed by some short presentations from our friends Genevive Davies, founder of Throwup Gallery and Katie Guthrie. It proved to be popular despite being an indoor event on a scorching Saturday night. A common theme emerged from the speakers due to the fact that 3 of us don't have any formal art training or art school education, Katie being the exception but her tale of being told at art school she wouldn't ever 'make it' as an artist made me smile, especially as she flew off to Barcelona the next day to paint a mural. And that's not to say formal art education holds no value, but its not a requirement to being creative or even talking about art!
For me there's real value in what we do as artists, as curators, as project co ordinators etc by engaging people from both worlds and to sharing something with them whether its a 50 meter high mural or an ice cream, all engagement has value and to have the support of friends and friends of friends is a great way for us to launch Kəˈkuːn and to engage with a new audience.
The past 7 months have been busy with evenings spent building furniture, painting walls and generally finding out how the space can work beyond just somewhere to store paint, on top of a full time job. I've always felt it important that a space like Kəˈkuːn can be open and can be more than just a place for a few people but instead can function as studio, gallery space, a place to discuss ideas, watch films, work on group projects and hang out after a long day doing whatever it is we all do to pay the bills. Of course its nice to lock the door and beaver away in solitude and I think that will be the norm but we really think we can do more for the creative community in Aberdeen by being open to new people, ideas and types of creativity whether for a short pop up exhibition or as venue for events like Art Hive.
Time and again I feel Aberdeen's artistic and creative ambition is squashed either due to lack of funds or space to see a projection through. We recently had a visit from David Officer who is part of the Culture Aberdeen team who just launched their 10 year culture plan for the city. To give David his dues I was ripping into the plan, admittedly based on a quick glance but being friends he took the time to visit the studio and explain a bit further its ambition and purpose. And again the red flag of studio space came up so it feels like a good time to have a studio. But it will be a few months and it will take a few shows for us to find our feet and to really figure out what we can do with Kekun that is meaningful beyond box ticking for Creative Scotland as 'there's is no fun in funding' another reason many projects dont make it past the ideas stage.
Hopefuly by the end of July we'll be hosting out first exhibition style event with a few more planned for the rest of the year. We'll be announcing details and well be doing the usual social media event pages so people know where to come. Until then you'll get updates via Instagram or the Mood of Collapse facebook page. A huge thank you from us to everyone who made it along, all the well wishers and to Kelly and Jane for all the energy they put into Art Hive, one of my favourite cultural meet ups. 

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