Degree Show 2018 at Grays School of Art!

After all my recommendations about seeing the show more than once and taking it in properly I only managed a quick whizz around on Sunday, the last day of the show. Sadly a lot of work had already been moved either due to scheduling conflicts (lots of design and fashion work is shipped to London for the new designers showcase) while others had simply decided it was time to abandon ship and get their work home. After 3 years and probably one of the busiest weeks of their lives I can't say I blame them. But there was still plenty of visual delights to take in and some really great work on show.

Starting in the Com Design space I enjoyed a lot of the vinyl related work with some great entries for the Super 7 competition. Kelsey Macdonald and Siobhan Keegans work was on point and the Aberdeen branding really drew me in also. Through in the old sculpture hall I just missed the spider table (check it here) but I enjoyed my friend Jake Shepards show, a mix of steel and concrete, black and white works from Hannah Yuill worked well in their groups, moveable sculptures by Phoebe Banks which I enjoyed pushing around, the colourful and maximalist room of Kirsty Munro was excellent, the hanging work of Jade Gilbert was quite delightful and the colour blobs by unknown artist capped off the room nicely for me.

Through in the next rooms Karolina Bachanek and Jess Wilson-leigh had created worlds of their own and Jamie Dyer created a nice love letter to his high rise tower block. From Painting I the large scale dark works by unknown, Marcus Murrison had some fantastic large paintings also, Daniel Thomas Harts work is my kind of weird and the tight colourful patterns by Annalisa Merrilees were great. Up stairs again I enjoyed the shapes and colours of Katie Avey pieces, painting and sculpture collided in another room but even the booklet isn't helping me find their details, Samantha Cheevers had some great miniature scenes on display and Jennifer Hasties cluster of work had a nice feel to it. 

The final rooms included some great paintings from Darja Abdirova, photorealist surrealism from Deni Black (that bacon painting looked tasty), Martin Richens also brought a refreshing level of detail to his paintings, Jean Firths work literally flew off the walls and finally on the stairwells I enjoyed the everyday scenes of Christopher Farrel (yes I often sit with a plunger on my tit).

As always that's just my own highlights and a small sample of the amazing work that's on display. I got to take in the show with my instagram friend Dave Edwardson who managed to visit all 4 Scottish degree show's so it was great to get his take on things and to also see where we differed on work we liked or disliked. If you missed the show then hopefuly you can matchup the names above to the works below and if you're a new graduate then well done, stay hungry, keep making work and pushing forward.

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