Deen Scene - What's On # 13!

Its June in just a few days and there's a load of events coming up that might be of interest to some of you so here's my special round up of whats coming up in from art to music and a few things in between!

First up if you haven't seen already I have a couple of blog posts about the Nuart Aberdeen production week. After last years experience I was better prepared for what Nuart would bring with late nights and long days of graft but the end results have been pretty amazing, especially having a new piece from Phlegm in our fair city. I still need to get snaps of all the works but you can find out a little bit about their creation here (Part 1) and here (part 2). As with last year I learned a few valuable lessons and the experience has given me some new ground to explore both in my blog and as a citizen of the city and how the citys cultural offering works but more on that later. 

So looking ahead, whats on....
 On the art & design front Look Again are back and as with previous iterations are looking bigger and better than before. Looking at the city as a hot bed of creative talent, they will be hosting a series of events, site specific installations and workshops aimed at unleashing the cities creatives and opening up questions around the creative North East. On Thursday you can attend the Cultivate talks where local creative will be presenting about their practice and experience of making and creating in the North East. As we look to Dundee we perhaps see a slightly better organised creative industry that's done a fantastic job of promoting the city and their creatives. The main question I took from the last cultivate event is how do we match Dundee? Its a big question and there's no one right answer but I'm sure this next round of talks will throw up some interesting topics for discussion. This event is free and you can book tickets here

For the Look Again festival proper you can spy a load of the up coming events via their facebook page here and the full catalogue is viewable online here. As with last year its sure to be a fantastic weekend and it also ties in with the Grays School of Art Degree Show, arguably one of the most important creative events of the year for Aberdeen. But just remember its worth going for a look a second or third time as there's no way to really see it properly on the opening night.  

Peacocks continue to open their space this time welcoming LUX Scotland who boast the largest distribution collection of 'artists' film and video in Europe. If recent events hold true then its likely to be a well attended event so be sure to get down early if you want a seat. You can find more details via the event page here

Good friend and constant inspiration Katie Guthrie is back this Saturday along with Kilo Alpha to add some doodles to your DMs. Having already completed a special canvas for the new Dr Martens store in Aberdeen, they've now invited her and Kirstin down to customise their window along with peoples shoes. Bring your old or new DMs down to the store and get something fresh from KMG or simply watch as they work their magic! You can book a place to get your kicks customised here!

Artist and maker Shelagh Swanson will be hosting her first open studios this weekend at her new space just along from Union Square. I had a peek at the space before she moved all her equipment in and its looking fantastic. Equipped with kiln facilities, Shelagh will be hosting her first fused glass workshops which you can book on here and you can find out more details about the open studio here.
A favourite from last years HAAN Christmas Design Fair, Leanh La Jewellery will be hosting a pop up shop at Foodstory Café on Saturday. Based in the North East, Leanh makes cool laser cut brooches and necklaces which are simple and contemporary. You'll be able to see all her wares and try out a few looks with her designs up stairs at Foodstory from 1pm this Saturday.

 The team at Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums continue to explore their collections and spaces with a new series of lunch time events taking place in June under the banner 'Our Aberdeen'.The next event is happening on the 4th June and will look at the hidden hazards sometimes found in museum collections. With events scheduled through til July you can find out the specifics for each Monday talk via the event page here

 If you're following the Painted Doors project you'll have seen that year 3 is kicking off and Jim Ewen has just completed his new door. Jim is founder of The Anatomy Rooms studio as well as 26 Collective and All In Ideas. I just finished a blog post about Jim's last solo show 'Set The Scope' which you can read here. If you want to see Jim's finished door head down to the anatomy rooms courtyard and give your eyes a treat.
Along with Jim we've also seen new doors and artworks completed by Juniper Press and Corvid Eyes by Jenny Hood, both located just off the Green. Mary was on hand to film the artists in action and we've produced a couple of short films to show their process and the finished pieces. You can view Corvid Eyes below!

The Suttie Art Space is currently hosting re-play, a group show curated by Julie-Ann Simpson and featuring work from Grays alumni Yvette Bathgate. I was a big fan of Yvettes degree show and will be popping up to ARI to see the show before it closes at the tail end of June. You can also join the artists for a special drawing workshop at the space which will also mark the closing of the exhibition, full details of the drawing workshop can be found here. And if you're up to see the show you might as well nip downstairs 'Alignments' by Eilidh McNair which is on show at the small gallery located just down the stairs from the new shop at ARI's main reception, details of that show can be found here.
 Creative Me podcaster Ika has been busy as ever and just dropped a new episode with local artist Jo Muir. Jo isn't shy and gets into a few of the issues that I think many of us worry about when we see councils and business people embrace art and culture, usually as a new marketing tool when other industries have been exhausted. There's a lot of work to do as proven by the councils use of Jo's photo for their new 'Cool culture strategy brochure' which failed to even acknowledge Jo. On a more positive note she did mention a blog post I wrote about her 2017 show 'Darkness Cant Exist In The Light' and I was quite touched to hear the positive impact my blog can have on an artist. You can check out Jo's episode here.

On a musical tip Doric Skateboards Gary is riding the nostalgia wave, first by getting back on a skateboard and kick starting his own board company and now with Nineteen Ninety Now, a new old skool hip hop night taking place at Spin this Thursday (go see art chats then pop along to Spin). As I spent most of the nineties listening to Oasis and Radiohead I'm quite intrigued to see what I missed although I did see Blackaliscious at T in the Park in 1999 thanks to some well informed friends and owned a copy of Black On Both Sides by Mos Def. You can find out the details via the event page here 
 If Friday nights are more your thing EyeSpy will be serving up a selection of vinyl treats in a Soul Disco Funk vein down at Cellar 35. After attending the latest Fair Play event last week at Foodstory I found myself enjoying a beer while swaying from side to side so perhaps I might take my own advice and Get Down to EyeSpy this Friday. You can find the full event details here.
Having missed them twice in Glasgow I'm excited about going to see Future Islands at the Beach Ballroom. I became a fan after watching the infamous video of the band performing 'Seasons' on Letterman, the singers almost maniacal performance was quite something but it was a lyric from the song that really pulled me and I've been a huge fan since. I'm sure the ballroom will be bouncing once again when they take to the stage on the 11th June! 

If Disco, Love & Nagic are you're bag then the hardest working DJs have you covered! All Night Passion is the work of local promoter and dj Mark Patterson and Sean Moggach, both young guys and yet veterans of the Aberdeen club scene. Where before you might find them in amongst the ruckus at Steve Aoki gigs now they prefer to kick back with some smooth disco beats and have built up one of the best club nights in Aberdeen right now. The music and the production come first for these lads and each party plays host to a special disco selecta, this months being Al Kent of Million Dollar Disco / BBE Music. Sure to be a fun, love filled sweat fest be sure to book your tickets via the event page here! Seriously, listen to this tune and tell me you don't feel like dancing!

That's it for another round up. As the Scottish art school degree shows come around I thought I'd share a post from the 2013 Edinburgh College of Art show, it was a lot of fun and featured some incredible work, here's hoping I can make it down to a few of the other cities shows again this year! Check out the cream of 2013 here.

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