An Exhibition by Stuart Allan at Foodstory!

Another show that's flown under the radar is Stuart Allan at the Foodstory Projects space above Foodstory café. The event popped up on Stuarts instagram account so we made our way down to see what he's been up to!

Rats, robo gulls, fleshy eyeballs and wolves are the order of the day and continue the theme's that Stu has been working on for the past year taking a dose of inspiration from the tattoo world and artists like Craig Gleason and his 'Bad Guys Club' and crafted a style very much his own. Stu's robo gull creation has been prominent in many of his recent works and also featured on his design for the 20 For 20 Anchors project from last year and has most recently appeared down at the legal wall beside the Tunnels. Its been interesting to see his work evolve away from the traditional painterly style of his degree show into a more illustrative, bold line style. Its also interesting to see how Stu floats between mediums being just as comfortable with a paintbrush as he is with a tablet or posca pen and has produced a series of digital prints along with the original paintings. His new print 'Wolves' is quite something but the smaller rat painting is a firm favourite and I took home an eye ball for my own collection.

It's great to see an artist exploring ideas and you get a real sense that Stu enjoys painting these new pieces and swapping paper for wood and leather, a nod to the customised jackets often associated to the heavy metal scene. The show ran for the month of May and will be coming down to make way for the next event at the space, a pop shop by local designer Leanh La Jewellery so be sure to check that out too. If you missed it but fancy picking up a print or an original piece drop Stu a DM on instagram and hopefully he'll be restocking his online shop soon!

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