Deen Scene - What's On # 11!

I just got back from playing some tunes down at WORM as part of Jessica Barries 2DAYRADIO project, part of the OPEN events curated by the Peacocks Associates. The associates fulfil the role of curator for the space and as everyone has different ideas and opinions, so the range of events on offer has varied from traditional art on walls to 2DAYRADIO which saw a host of local Djs, poets and weirdos take up residence in the W OR M. My friend Neil asked me if I wanted to play some tunes with him on Sunday so from 12 - 2 you could tune in via the website to listen to our musical back and forth. Having not played any records for a while it proved quite refreshing and W OR M proved to be a great hub for listening to music and watching the world pass by!

OPEN continues this week with more events on Thursday to celebrate International Womens Day with 'Becoming Woke' (something BrewDog and a few others could benifit from) you can find the details here. And if you simply want to go hang out in a creative space then the Associates Lounge is open and ready to welcome you. I might try and pop in myself on Friday. Live blogging from inside the W OR M! 

A recent trip to the shire brought us to The Blue Roof Gallery out in Oyne. My brother highly recommended checking them out and I was quite surprised as we walked in, to see work by Grays graduates David Ian Brown and Yvette Bathgate. Davids work was some of my highlights from the Degree Show so it was a good omen to come across his stuff out in the wild. The space itself is massive open plan with lots of good windows and lighting but its the setting out in Oyne that really makes The Blue Roof so unique. That and its curation policy which seems to be whatever the owners take a liking too! A quick chat with the owner David revealed that his wife actually picks out most of the work they display and at the moment they're showing a mixed range of artist they like. Simple, to the point and for my money spot on! Find out more about The Blue Roof Gallery here.

Last week saw the announcement of this years Nuart Aberdeen line up and its got me pretty excited for April. We'll be treated to work from some of the best street artists operating on the international scene along with some Scottish talent. As with last year some of the names are already firm favourites while others ill need to do my research on. And that's one of the things I like most about the creative world, discovering new artists and their work and getting stuck in. I'm sure by the time its all said and done ill be a wreck, 10 days of production for Nuart is a slog but one that has such a fun legacy with the soon to be announced workshops and the street art tours, which gave me the chance to speak about the project and the artists to people who would probably never have bothered to engage with it along with the culture vultures who lap up everything on offer. You can check out the full artist line up below but ill be doing a more in depth post about them soon.

If you happen to be in Dundee this weekend then I'd highly recommend checking out the latest show at the DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts) from my the might John Walter. I've written about John more times than I can remember (9 times to be exact), but he is by far one of the most inspirational and talented artists I know. I've become quite pissed off at the more high brow creative world, especially where it fails to engage its audience but with John he can explain his ideas (and his weirdo ways) so as to make it fun and inspirational, a talent in itself. Working with a range of artists, 'Shonky - The Aesthetics of Awkwardness' see's John select work from a broad smorgasbord which I'm sure will be challenging, weird, funny and pretty damn inspiring. Just check out some of the ideas of Hundertwasser and brace yourself for the awkwardness! The show opens this Friday at the DCA and continues well into May so plenty of time to check out Dundee and all their fantastic advancements.

A little closer to home, the gang from the Greyhope Bay project will be opening their new pop up shop in the Bon Accord Centre this Friday! The projects main goal is to get a new marine wildlife centre built over in Torry creating a place to celebrate and explore the cities rich marine life. Part pop up shop, part cafe and part exhibition, the show aims to connect the project with the wider public in Aberdeen and its great to see a project like this gaining a foothold in the city centre and also working with creative communities to help spread the word. I first twigged to the project thanks to Art Hive a few months back and canna wait to check it out! The Bridge to Greyhope Bay opens this Friday!

Another interesting project happening soon in Torry is Victoriart Road. Based around the Vicrtoria Road area, a local residents group with the support of the council have managed to secure funds to commission a range of art works and have been formulating plans with some Aberdeen based artists. As the weather begins to improve well hopefully see some progress soon but in the mean time you can keep up to date with the project via their facebook page

I thought it only right to shine a little light on local artist and glass maker Shelagh Swanson. Another Torry connection, for her latest project Shelagh has jumped ship and crossed over to Fittie where she's been commissioned to create an artwork for the newly revamped Silver Darling Restaurant. The project is the latest in a long line of public artwork projects she's undertaken in the last 12 months along with completing a residency at Duthie Park, the Haddo Arts Festival and also creating a public glass mosaic on her garden wall (also located in Fittie). You can find out more about Shelagh and all her up coming projects via her website and be sure to pay the Silver Darling a visit.

Finally a little moment of life imitating art thanks to Painted Doors Abdn. Mary (who's door is pictured) spends so much time pushing everyone else's art and the door artists, often over looking her own contribution so I just wanted to highlight how amazing it is! As always if you have any questions or queries about the work or events featured here follow the links to the event pages, leave a comment, drop me a message on social media and get out and take part! Oh and if you're wondering where the previous 10 Deen Scene posts are you'll find them over on the facebook page here.

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