Art of Urban Warfare Aberdeen!

One of the first street art books I bought was Street Renegades (New Underground Art) by Francesca Gavin. It featured work by Ben Eine, Invader, Brad Downey and El Tono along with a few others prominent figures from the time. The book didn't cover a huge amount of artists but it did highlight quite a few artists who've gone on to spear head the street art movement with many continuing to push it forward. Some of the artists have moved away from their signature style of work while others like Dan Witz are now entering their 4th decade of putting work on the streets. Printed in 2007 (probably when I bought it) it provided a glimpse into the burgeoning street art world and highlighted the diverse range of practitioners from all corners of the globe. 

One artist I gravitated towards was Flu aka Influenza aka Jeroen Jongeleen. His work was incredibly simple at the time, consisting of black lines with in accurate measurement details, black out street posters and multi coloured toy soldier stencils. Its the toy soldiers that really caught me, the use of these simple childhood toys to create a game with stencils and different colour spray paint seemed ingenious! The idea revolves around 3 or 4 players, each with their own unique stencils and colours. If you spot one of their soldiers you have to spray up your own opposing stencils, like a battle in the streets but with no one getting hurt.

By this point I'd already been playing with lego brick stencils and liked the simple nature of toys and childhood. My life was pretty serious at that point so the stencil and street art was a good escape and a focus for some positive energy. So after photographing and photoshoping up a few stencils I hit the streets with the MoC Army! I spent a good year putting up soldiers, designing new fighters and evolving my team. Sadly despite a few friends expressing an interest, no one ever joined in. I continued to spray them up til the police pulled me in to have a word about my extracurricular activities. 

Being put in a police cell, having my finger prints and DNA swabs taken wasn't the nicest of experiences and it definitely put me off doing any street work for a long time but now feels like a good time - some 10 years later to have another bash, especially with the semi legal wall down at the tunnels, the graff wall at TX and the Throw Up Gallery Sunnybank wall. Its a game about connecting with people and really just having a bit of fun on the streets. So pick your colour, get your troops ready and let battle commence!

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