'Show and Tell' with Jack Davidson at WORM!

We managed to get along to 'Show and Tell' last week for the first OPEN event at Peacocks new W OR M space on the Castlegate. Although the space opened last year, this month long series of events also titled 'OPEN' is curated by the new Peacocks Associates, a shift away from the traditional curator led programme, the associates have now taken up the mantle and will be, as a group, curating the space. Certainly it makes for a more varied selection process but I'm sure one that's not without its problems. But I like the idea of Peacocks being in the hands of a group who range from a graphic designer to an architect, an established arts curator to art school graduates with everyone having an equal say in what gets programmed. 

The first show comes from curator Naoko Mabon and brings the work of Aberdeen born Jack Davidson to his home town. Although Jack hasn't lived in Aberdeen for almost 30 years he gladly regaled us with tales and fond memories from his time at Grays School of Art and beyond during an open conversation with Grays head of painting, Keith Grant. A small selection of painted works adorned the walls giving an insight into Jack's work although tales of studio moves, broken elevators and destroying paintings left me wondering about the work that will never be seen again. Luckily a friend has lambasted him into keeping a better record of his work and his website is filled with older work from 2008 to present (viewable here). 

'Show and Tell' certainly felt refreshing with little fan fare for the opening and a more casual approach to showing Jacks work. Naoko spoke of discovering Jacks work online thanks to a random google search so there's hope for us yet! Check out more photos of the work and the opening over on the Wagon site here. 'OPEN' continues this week with Workspace Dunfermline and Culture 123 next week. Check the Peacocks event pages for more info. 

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