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Aberdeens Graffiti Mecca 2008 vs 2018!

The old Richards Textile factory sits dominant on the Aberdeen skyline, its red brick chimney stacks visible for miles around. The high walls and cast iron fences once served to protect the valuable textiles and fabrics created with in, but now with added barbed wire act as a deterrent to any would be trespassers. The story of the factory (check the Wikipedia page and also this article) and its closing is quite controversial with local millionaire Ian Suttie stepping in to save the factory from closure in 2002 only to shut it down completely in 2004. The workers lost their pensions and the site has lain dormant as they await approval for a new 'Urban Village' (see unrealistic vision of it here) with some 390 new homes. If ever there's a case of playing the long game its the Richards debacle. Thankfully the project has been held up in the quagmire of planning permissions and heritage issues but I'm not sure if the pensions issue has been settled yet. But the factory has…