'TOASTED' by Toaster at Jealous London!

While checking out a few past blog post's I discovered its been 3 years since Toaster visited Aberdeen and left a free piece of street art and a load of sticker pieces (more about that here). A few months back Toaster opened a new solo show at Jealous in London where his 'Toasted' cafe served up hot toast no less along with a selection of brand new paintings and other artefacts. If you don't know who Toaster is then its worth watching this short film to get up to speed.

Toaster is certainly one of the originals within the UK street art scene and as such has seen the scene grow and evolve over some 20 years. Himself coming up from humble beginnings, putting up stickers and simple stencils to now putting up slightly fancier stickers and bigger stencils, is still pushing the simple toaster symbol in new and ever more creative directions. For 'Toasted' punters were treated to some home made toast, branded by the artist and served up in customised take away boxes while new smaller paintings adorned the wall. Customised toasters hung from the Jealous rafters as though his murals had come to life, perfectly formed in 3D and ready to make your breakfast toast! One wall even featured framed toast, charred with his iconic symbol. As D*Face says in the short film, why a toaster? And now I guess why not, its appeared all over the globe, been seen at football matches and appeared in the Tour de France!

It certainly looked like a fun opening, I sadly didn't make it down but watched through the laptop gateway. I always try to visit Jealous when I go to London, a specialist print studio, shop and mural space located in Shoreditch. Studio manager Adam Bridgland is always incredibly welcoming and has himself shown work up here at Peacock Visual Arts so its nice to have multiple connections and insights into whats happening down South. You can still purchase some of the works displayed at Toasted here and its also worth checking out the Toasters web shop for tasty treats. Hope he, she, they come back up to Aberdeen soon!

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