'Land' & 'Island' - A Skateboard Film by Jim Craven!

If there's two skate films that have got me pumped to roll its these two beauties from Jim Craven. Created in association with Grey Skateboard Mag, America shoes and Dickies, the two films follow a group of skaters as they seek out remote spots across the country, dried up waterways, flood channels and farm gates all make for some pretty incredible skate spots as the team rip into everything before them. It's been interesting to see the evolution of skateboarding over the last 20 years, from the Tony Hawk mania of the mid 90s through the Jackass years, super tech vs super gnarly and now the next step into mainstream via the olympics.

Yet for most of us skating revolves around shopping centre car parks, random kids play parks and a few crusty secret spots scattered around the suburbs. As much as I enjoy seeing the big tricks and the super smooth surfaces that US skaters are blessed with there's something uniquely special about skating in the UK and especially those seemingly unskateable crust pits. Jim Craven has also crafted videos that do a bit more than just follow the guys with a fish eye instead incorporating the incredible surroundings of each spot to really add a taste of what it took to not only film the tricks but to reach these places. I'm sure many of the sites have never been skated before and likely never will be again. 

Land & Island represent the ultimate spot hunt and surely represents a sometimes missing element of skate life with so many kids focusing on the skatepark as street spots get torn down. Certainly Broad Street used to be a mecca for Aberdeens skate scene and one that's still sorely missed despite the surge in out door skate parks. Still for those willing to search for it there's a whole country out there full of potential, you just need a bit of Jim's vision to see it!

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