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If you're friends with me on facebook then you'll have seen quite a few shared posts from Doric Skateboards. Doric is a new Aberdeen based skateboard company, started by Gary Kemp and operated from a small make shift screen print studio set up in his loft. I'm sure many of the older skate generation dream of starting their own company but never quite finding the right time or more accurately they always find a reason not to. And Gary would probably put himself into that category til one day he realised there wasn't really anything stopping him. Perhaps the fact he wanted to print his own graphics but knew nothing about screen printing? Well a quick visit to Peacocks print studio and a tutorial from his brother and he was off. 

For the past 12 months or so Doric has been bubbling away, first releasing the 'Street Dreams' deck with an iconic image of a well know pop star who just so happens to come from the Granite City. Next up a riff on the classic Bon Accord cola bottles (a staple for any child growing up in Aberdeen in the 80s) available in 4 delicious flavours. The latest design is a collaboration with local artists Honkemon aka Justin who's bearded characters have found their way onto t shirts, decks and a prints, all super limited with many of the decks selling out over Chritstmas but check the Doric website! For the granite lover you can also pick up a special 'Granite City' deck complete with stone effect finish. Along with the standard skateboard shapes you can find old skool pool shapes and complete mini cruisers, all ready to roll for gleaming the cube!

I popped up to see Gary a month back to pick up a newly purchased hoody and was treated to a wee tour of his printing studio. A pretty humble set up in the loft of his top floor flat, its quite the modern man cave but the 20 or so classic skate deacks hanging on the wall hint at someone who despite maybe not being as active on a board hasn't lost any of the passion he once had for it. And Gary spoke about how through doing the company hes come into contact with hundreds of skaters up and down the country who still thrive on the DIY nature of skating, more punk in attitude than the super company sponsored 'we'll see you at the Olympics' types. To be fair skating has always been what you want it to be and its inclusion in the Olympics is a bit naff but kinda cool as well, especially if it can help kids like it helped me to navigate through the ups and downs of life. Gary also spoke about how its connected him with whats happening in the cities creative scene and led to the collaboration with Justin, another bonus to stepping out of your comfort zones and being ready to engage with people. December also saw Doric host their first few pop up's as part of the Haan Design Market and resulted in a new hoody for my partner, now she won't have to steal mines.

Some 12 months on and Doric seem to be going from strength to strength. What started as a small time venture in Garys spare time has become so much more with people buying into the brand and its ideals. Whether the books will balance up at the end of the tax year is another story but as Gary says, if he can break even then he will be chuffed but its not about the money, its about doing something you love for the love of it. And for me that's certainly worth supporting! Its great to see what Gary has achieved along with other local skate brands like Sqwash Co, taking their passion and putting it into something that can only be good for Aberdeen. You can check out all the Doric Skateboards merch on their webstore here and be sure to follow their venture on Instagram and Facebook too.   

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