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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Well thats yer lot 2017! It's been a massive year for me personally and creatively speaking. I think my best 9 from instagram does a pretty good job in summing up the highlights. Hope 2018 is good to you all and I'll see you guys on the flip side ♥️

'Follow / Unfollow - An Instagram Show' for Nuart Aberdeen!

With the years end fast approaching I thought I'd better pull the finger out and highlight one of the funnest but also most stressful projects I've worked on. With Nuart bringing such a stellar roster of artists and media personnel to the city we wanted to showcase as much Aberdeen based talent as possible. With Painted Doors giving so many a platform we hoped Nuart would be another level up for the bustling artists who call Aberdeen home. The problem is we didn't quite know what to do ( or what we were allowed to do) or where to do it. As the weeks flew by the chances of organising a fully hung gallery show diminished and with the Nuart team focusing on the logistics of the festival it was up to us to try and pull something together.

I came up with a simple solution, to create a set of video loops which mimic my instagram feed but with hand picked posts from my favourite Aberdeen artists. After all, I can't even count how many great artists I've discovered through …

Doric Skateboards!

If you're friends with me on facebook then you'll have seen quite a few shared posts from Doric Skateboards. Doric is a new Aberdeen based skateboard company, started by Gary Kemp and operated from a small make shift screen print studio set up in his loft. I'm sure many of the older skate generation dream of starting their own company but never quite finding the right time or more accurately they always find a reason not to. And Gary would probably put himself into that category til one day he realised there wasn't really anything stopping him. Perhaps the fact he wanted to print his own graphics but knew nothing about screen printing? Well a quick visit to Peacocks print studio and a tutorial from his brother and he was off. 

For the past 12 months or so Doric has been bubbling away, first releasing the 'Street Dreams' deck with an iconic image of a well know pop star who just so happens to come from the Granite City. Next up a riff on the classic Bon Accord co…

Street Art Aberdeen!

2017 is the year that street art came to town! We we're treated in 2016 by UV ARTS and their 'Release the Pressure' festival which brought an incredible array of top graffiti writers and artists from across Europe and Painted Doors has helped get artists out of the studio and onto the streets and Nuart has put Aberdeen on the street art world map. But what about all the graffiti and street art that came before and who's putting up work on the streets now?

Well I'm hoping Street Art Aberdeen can help answer both questions. For the past 10 years and a bit before that I've been documenting graffiti and tags in the granite city along with numerous street art projects from artists like Craig Barrowman and of course my own adventures with stencils and spray paint. Although less active the past few years I've still been snapping away and despite having the blog as a focal point many of my pictures have sat on hard drives unseen. This was a conscious decision as I n…

'Land' & 'Island' - A Skateboard Film by Jim Craven!

If there's two skate films that have got me pumped to roll its these two beauties from Jim Craven. Created in association with Grey Skateboard Mag, America shoes and Dickies, the two films follow a group of skaters as they seek out remote spots across the country, dried up waterways, flood channels and farm gates all make for some pretty incredible skate spots as the team rip into everything before them. It's been interesting to see the evolution of skateboarding over the last 20 years, from the Tony Hawk mania of the mid 90s through the Jackass years, super tech vs super gnarly and now the next step into mainstream via the olympics.

Yet for most of us skating revolves around shopping centre car parks, random kids play parks and a few crusty secret spots scattered around the suburbs. As much as I enjoy seeing the big tricks and the super smooth surfaces that US skaters are blessed with there's something uniquely special about skating in the UK and especially those seemingly…

Painted Doors 2017 - Year 2 Recap!

It's been a busy old year and I for one cannot wait for the christmas break. I'm lucky to be off til the new year and I'm hoping it'll be a chance to catch up and take stock. Its certainly been another busy year for art and culture in Aberdeen and especially putting art into the public realm. Nuart Aberdeen, Look Again Festival and Painted Doors both provided lots of incredible opportunities, and the artworks were nae bad as well. But with famous street artists and international design stars on the programme, what makes Painted Doors special?
Firstly all the artists are from or are based in Aberdeen. And many of them are new faces to me which is a good sign that we have a healthy creative scene in the city. I pride myself on getting out and meeting artists and creatives and spend a lot of time trying to help promote and shine a light on their work but even in the big village of Aberdeen where everyone knows everyone its fantastic to come across new faces. The artists fo…

'TOASTED' by Toaster at Jealous London!

While checking out a few past blog post's I discovered its been 3 years since Toaster visited Aberdeen and left a free piece of street art and a load of sticker pieces (more about that here). A few months back Toaster opened a new solo show at Jealous in London where his 'Toasted' cafe served up hot toast no less along with a selection of brand new paintings and other artefacts. If you don't know who Toaster is then its worth watching this short film to get up to speed.

Toaster is certainly one of the originals within the UK street art scene and as such has seen the scene grow and evolve over some 20 years. Himself coming up from humble beginnings, putting up stickers and simple stencils to now putting up slightly fancier stickers and bigger stencils, is still pushing the simple toaster symbol in new and ever more creative directions. For 'Toasted' punters were treated to some home made toast, branded by the artist and served up in customised take away boxes whi…