'Release The Pressure' at Transition Extreme 2016!

One of my highlights from last year has to be the UV ARTS 'Release The Pressure' graffiti festival that saw the Victorian arches of Union Terrace Gardens get a much needed make over. The festival brought a mix of UK graff veterans and international talent to Aberdeen, some of whom went on to paint a few doors as part of the Painted Doors project. But beyond that they all did a pretty stunning full wall down at the TX legal wall at the beach. Luckily I managed to get down and took some photos before the work was covered over.

From left to right you have Peter SheridanInkie, Treze with skull by Dead ILW, Mark WorstDarren John, Gucci by unknown and Darren John again. I've been spending a bit of time trying to sort out my archive of graffiti pics, a lot of the tags and pieces have been buffed or or in some cases demolished so its good to have a record of whats happened whether last week or 10 years ago. As Aberdeen embraces the world of street art through festivals like Nuart Aberdeen and Release The Pressure I think its important to look at whats come before and to also understand what it is that makes the graffiti movement so important and powerful. You can check out the start of my graffiti archiving on flickr

It's an interesting concept where guys like Inkie and Darren John can earn a living from painting, travelling all over the world creating artworks, many of which will be looked after and preserved, yet they're just as happy to paint a wall that might be buffed within a few hours. Certainly all the pieces here didn't last longer than a few months, especially with legal wall space being at a premium in Aberdeen. I've always looked at the tags and throw ups in Aberdeen and marvelled at their execution but also wondered about the people who created them. Its certainly been interesting to see the debates pop up around street art vs graffiti and what should be protected and what should be buffed.

Hopefully people will embrace the different aspects of each art form and well see a little more colour on the streets of Aberdeen and a little less gray! Massive shout out to UV ARTS for bringing the crew to Aberdeen and for the encouragement to pick up the cans again! 

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