Jetpack Dinosaur at Foodstory Projects!

With the dreaded feeling of Christmas fast approaching now is perhaps a good time to start thinking about how you wish to shows the special people in your life you care about them. This year ill be attempting to shop only at local stores, no chains and also to focus on purchasing from local makers (you can read about my last attempt at this here). Luckily Aberdeen is jammed full of cool creatives and with pop up events like Flock at Woodend Barn and HAAN Design Market there's plenty of opportunities to speak to makers and to purchase something special. Its that bit about being able to meet the person behind the work that really interests me. One such person is Chris Bisset aka Jetpack Dinosaur.

I first connected with Chris via instagram, having lots of mutual friends and both skating I figured we'd cross paths in the real world but before that I started to see a flurry of posts, ink style drawings with a big red dot, almost Japanese in style and execution. Each new day brought a new drawing or image, a Jetpack daily as Chris called them. The idea was simple, draw something every day and share it. I was astounded, having seen numerous artists do the same, often opting for a work in progress or a rough sketch yet Chris seemed to be producing finished pieces, day in day out. He put my own creative out put to shame but more than that I admired his willingness to share so openly. I say this as sometimes people spend years building up to a show and they only have a handful of small paintings. The quantity of work isn't always an issue but it seems like most believe less is more and sometimes I want to be overloaded, like the amazing Seripop show from a few years back!

Now a year on Chris is still posting fairly regular but has translated some of his sketches into prints. If you've read my NEOS post then you'll have seen some of these before but there's more than enough new work and he also takes commissions  original piece. Currently holed up in the new Foodstory Projects space (find out about their Solsta events programme here), up stairs at Foodstory, you'll find the back wall adorned with Chris work, unframed and all up for sale. The prints look so good if I had the space I would fill an entire room with them, the simple play of black and red on white paper is so effective and looks even better en masse. I've already got a whale print, a reference piece for his Painted Door but ill be picking up some more prints to add to the collection, sometimes you have to treat yourself before thinking of others!

But seriously, Chris is one of the nicest guys I've met and his good vibes permeate through his work and should be on your wall. Also the fact he hasn't quite cottoned onto pricing his work properly means you might pick up a few bargains. You can catch him at Foodstory Projects this week and keep up to speed with his drawing adventures via instagram.

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