'A Sum of Parts' by Suzann Ross at Aberdeen Art Centre!

'A Sum of Parts' is the current show by Suzann Ross, an Aberdeenshire based artist. On display in the gallery at Aberdeen Art Centre, her show opened on the 6th November and marks her first outing since the degree show. Suzann graduated this summer from Grays School of Art and has been continuing her theme of cataloguing and archiving, the use of books and paper translated through painted forms. Her current show takes a step away from her book paintings and instead focuses on capturing abstract architectural forms, the strange shape you see when you mask off a small section of a building or the things you see through a strangers window. 

A mixture of paintings have been produced by Suzann with the simplest of architectural features taking on a new beauty through her brush strokes. I've always enjoyed seeing the city and its buildings from a new perspective and we're often guilty of missing the finer details but these paintings along with the more ephemeral works gives us an extra moment or two to think, ponder and enjoy the life beyond the glass.   

'A Sum of Parts aims to explore the sustainability and relevance of archival material when only fragments remain. Is it still relevant and a true source of information, or has it been diminished in terms of its synergy. The application of different marks and surfaces within an individual artwork and the choice of its support are significant to the delivery of my ideas. The fragile connection that exists between the tangible object and our grasp of the life it documents is explored.'

'A Sum of Parts' will be on show until the end of November and all the artworks are for sale, quite reasonably priced too so if you're out and about pop along for a look, the team at ACT provide a much needed outlet for artists and performers and always have interesting things on too. Also Suzann won the open call for Painted Doors Aberdeen so you might catch her this weekend finishing off her triple doors on the side of the indoor market, if you do be sure to buy her a coffee, she'll need a few in these temperatures!

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